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  1. Hello everyone yes it's been a long time and yesterday I went on the milrp server to see 0 people on there. upon seeing this I was deeply disturbed and very sad to see this after remembering the good old days where I would destroy tumz on measa and he would get mad, I became MAJ 3 times in the RUAF and me and (forgot his name F) made the RN go POOF, and CPT of the SZ. I would love to see it come up again but this would take lots of money for campaigning. I was introduced to this server 2 years ago and helped me through the worst times of my life. I'm now a freshman in high school and have new friends everyday. I would just like to say thank you to everyone's support on this server and would love to keep in contact. PS fuck you snookie bear if I wanna kill in UN room lemme do it. <3 #smurfformajforthe4thtime
  2. AY IM SMURF most of you know me from ruaf as I was a maj 3 times and a cpt of the sz I am currently going for MAJ in the SZ but I might switch to RUAF. I'm really a layed back person but mingy to. my enemy's are anyone who joins the us and takes this server WAYYYYYY to serious. anyways this is my "intro". remember SUB TO PIETHESMARTGUY
  3. I just started posting on fourms and the more I think about it. HOW DID I GET MAJ 3 TIMES NOW. I need answers
  4. Because I love this server I'm having a party at RU base for RU only (no girls allowed) do feel free to join. This all a joke but fr im gonna be on at 1 am eastern time chilling out on the server so of you guys went to join feel free. Ill be on ts and the SZ discord.
  5. Ok listen I will no longer be responding to comments on the thing going on. I highly respect truth for being calm with the situation. For now message me about questions. If I may I request this to be locked so there is no comments. Thank you for your time, Smurf
  6. Please do Actually just get someone to lock it we've just gotten into 2 pages now so I think 2 is enough
  7. saying you don’t think it’s different this time around sounds like a bias please check your wording as this is ment to be a neutral issue. With respect smurf
  8. the owner of pubg made h1z1... Lmao fr tho it’s true. true
  9. As we know 13 hours ago the owner of PUBG has officially sued fortnite for copyright infringement. what are your opinions on this? my opinion is that fortnite had it coming to them if you’ve heard about the tension between them. Plus the first player unknowns battle royal game came out as a mod on arma 3 basically meaning yes pubg came before fortnite made there battle royal. I’m a fan of pubg but like fortnite for its simplicity. Basically fortnite most likely will lose the case and maybe go bankrupt and shut down the servers.
  10. you seem to have not read about the baton abuse please read the above statements. smurf I’m very surprised about the attention this has gotten and I do agree with you. with respect Smurf
  11. I know what you said but can not really let the baton thing float away. Thank you for being patient, Smurf
  12. the reason I said is because he said I mingled in war. Which none of which happened.
  13. there’s a SZ discord? Cool I’ll join. Thank you for that much appreciated!