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  1. I won’t expose my man Scheffer like that find it urself
  2. you can see his face in one of the reflections of the videos
  3. Chilies

    Quinn's LOA

    what rank are you? lmao
  4. It was fun while it lasted Tumz, We went through the ranks at the same time(except you got VCMDR first before me nerd), Its been real fun Tumz playin with you almost 2 years now tumz, You where always a great friend and i wish you the best. -US 501st Rgt LTC Chilies to USAF MPS MAJCOM LTC Tumz (hope you still will play SCP-RP )
  5. Classified Information ---------------------------------------------------- ----------------------- Clearance Level 3 ---- - Access Granted ------------------------------------------------ Personnel Scanned ------------------------ Welcome "██████████████" ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Standard Operating Procedures Roster: ██████████████
  6. United States Army Core Roll Call Required for all US 1SG+. Follow the Format Below. Name: Rank: Roster Status: Roll Call Ends on Janurary 9th, 2019. Failure to respond will result in removal from the United States Army Core
  7. In-Game Name: Chilies Your Rank: Major In-Game Time: idk don’t have access to a pc rn Activity This Week: On LOA Any Concerns?: NU7 needs a buff badly
  8. Chilies

    Sup <3

  9. Don’t take it personally but..... -Support -First of all there is no effort put into this what so all -Second Your “example of an rp event” is very generic and has no creativity -Third you clearly have no real intention to use the rank for what it’s real purpose is and just to have the rank -Not very Mature