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  1. Again, this is the CI branch not foundation. Your report is foundation designated and therefore has no place here.
  2. Igneous, this wouldn’t be possible without your dedication. You’ve done so much for the server, and I’m excited to see what Carpenter will bring to the table. Thank you to all the players who are active (shout out to CI), and I hope to see you guys to continue your time with us on GL.
  3. wrong section, this also doesn't follow CI format, and this appears to be a foundation document.
  4. October

    NTF Update

    Culinary, I personally don’t think it’s a good idea to give the rank accessible at PVT (trooper) a tranq. Also all guns have the same stats lol , thirdly don’t you have another update outstanding, you shouldn’t have two outstanding.
  5. Justin you’re heading for a staff blacklist, you shouldn’t post apps like this in the accepted tab. You have to post them in the regular tab and follow the format.
  6. Carp we changed the whitelist system. Only should be able to whitelist (to my knowledge). It used to be RP roles could whitelist, but we got rid of that to make sure there was no form of abuse.
  7. Name: October Rank: AD Date: 1/19/18 Activity: Semi active (Jet if you say anything I'll find you)
  8. Nimo, if this is a branch update it’s not really a +/- support item, but my opinion stands that they should keep the MP5SD and another gun (like a revolver not an SSG) and to get a buff to health/armor.
  9. +support, Josh you were an amazing SWAT CoCommander. You did so much for SWAT, and I bet you will be as dedicated to PD (if not more). You were an amazing SA, and I'm sad to see that you retired. I hope you get this position.
  10. Hi Hannah, remember our sniper battles. One day I'll get a third win.
  11. Lol TOPlayz he copied the color I use for my background info.
  12. +support man, you're a great guy and I hope you get this.
  13. Congrats Jet, this is my 1001st post
  14. Velvet, they’ve had 62 chances to change their ways. This is over the 40 warn limit.