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  1. October

    CI Scouts

    I see your point, but MTF has snipers and they use them indoors. The logic doesn’t exactly hold, but I still think that it’s unneeded. Maybe give certain ranks snipers (like SGT+ or LT+ but otherwise -support).
  2. Damn that CMDR has a lot of health
  3. I understand that we all get angry, but you have to understand that this was a minor event and therefore you shouldn’t have overreacted. It’s important to be stoic, or at the least control your emotions. Thank you for your apology, October
  4. Damn I can’t even open it :(
  5. This is CI we don’t accept your clearance levels. We have a command structure that is regulated.
  6. Here’s the thing, SCP is the only branch (to my knowledge) that uses !blogs over !plogs so I don’t think this switch would make sense. I think instead we should train people when they become t-mods. This is because it would make them understand the rules, the commands, and proper punishments. If you’d like you can @ me and I’ll write you a 3 page essay
  7. Ew Nimo access denied. <3
  8. -support, d class aren’t supposed to be openly exposed to SCP’s unless for testing and then after testing they are given amnestics.
  9. I believe the RPG should be very limited in use because when I had 140 health and 160 armor I was killed in one shot.
  10. Oh god, the yuki’s are coming to SCP-RP
  11. Hey man that’s pretty cool
  12. October

    HCZ Map

    Lol Guar and Dustin were the same person.
  13. It wouldn’t be donator CI because CI hates serpents hand. RP wise we’d have to fight all the time.
  14. +support, spartan, you’re very mature and responsible. I know you would be an amazing staff member. I only have 2 problems, 1. You can’t be as active as others. I do not blame you for this as I know it’s impossible for you as you have to balance a job and this community. 2. You’re supposed to add a poll. Overall, this is a well written app. Good luck.
  15. To you I say compare MTF to CI. The job you’re referring to is currently broken and therefore we don’t have our own version of MTF. But overall, -support its unneeded. CI command already has medkits but they use it for themselves. Secondly you can always buy a medkit in the armory.