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  1. If I do come back witch I want to but idk if it is still mostly all rule breaking and minging is it still like that and should I come back?
  2. Hey if you dont know me (everyone knows me haha) my name is noodle I played on gaminglight for about 3 years and I took a 5 month break but dont miss me too much because I'm coming back I just bought a new computer and i will be back on the server for good in about a week I'm going to be playing every day like i used to and going to try to get ranked up from where I left at but see you guys soon. ~Noodle~
  3. Hey Kim Just bought a new computer give me about a week I'll be back for good On the server
  4. If you guys have not seen me on lately I am leaving the server for now I am sad to be leaving but I will come back idk when but sometimes I will be in game and in teamspeak I want to thank the staff such as zeeptin- thank you for letting me be a part of your staff team you have a well server I see good things from you in the future. SNAR- I had fun gaming with you and basing with you you are a great guy to talk to and you do your job as a manger 100% that's what I like about you. Going to miss you. Nolan you are awesome you where there for someone to talk to about anything you are really Professional to. Gaur I known you since I first joined state police you where a SNR in there and you progressed a long way from there I see good things from you too keep up the good work you are really chill too. Well anyone else I have not said anything sorry but I have been in gaminglight police rp since the 2nd month the sever was up and running so if I write about everyone I know it's going to take all day I promise I will return someday but in the mean time not going to say bye but see you soon.
  5. Hey guys, my name is noodle if you dont know me all ready. Today is the day guys this is my 2nd whole year on gaminglight servers. I've been here since day one of police rp and a couple other servers gaminglight has had in the past. I worked hard in my 2 years as a Ad in FBI but that's no longer here but the most I love since this police rp server has started was state trooper I was a SNR Trooper when Gaur was just a SGT lol. I'm in high school still sadly in training with public safety to become a Michigan state police officer and If you guys know me good I have not been that much because I was in a Motocross accident with a dumb tree and Was knocked out for 3 days I just got back from a hospital 2 days ago in the was there a total 10 days still haft ti yo back every other day and will be like that for about 7 months Market on every deep tell what happened to my body after My accident But have physical injuries right now. It's sad for me to be like this because I mostly can't do anything for the next 3 months besides school lol I will be on more often tho. But my favorite color is orange and purple i like dogs i work in a Italian restaurant as a chef. But if you want to know anything else about me comment below Sincerely Trooper 2ND LT Noodle 1T35 Moderator Support staff CERT ATL Noodle 1CT35 EMS RR Noodle
  6. -Noodle-

    Add Motorcycles

    They drive great in different servers I'm going to be give this a +support.
  7. -Noodle-


    Love the idea But I think it would cause too much lag...
  8. Would you rather have twix or kitkat.
  9. I TP to valk and he was on the FBI roof he was at the edge yelling at someone and I took off no-clip and fell on him and pushed him off the roof when he was typing a warn and he died.