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    Pooders 2LT APP

    +Support +Love You are very active and from what I hear, it seems that you try your very best with the Storm Troopers. Especially the ones who have no intent to follow orders or to RP. It also seems that the Police RP community loved you for the time and work you put in for that community and it seems you transferred that over to this community. I do not think you should judge a person's capability as an officer based on their application, but it wouldn't be a bad idea to add more details to question 8 and maybe question 9. I would go into detail on how you would command the regiment instead of saying "I will Command it very well..."
  2. +Support He taught me everything I know about Star Wars when I didn't know anything about it. He might of not put a lot of time and thought into his application, but I know for a fact that he puts a lot of time and dedication into the battalion to make it better. I hope he gets Vice Commander as I don't see any better candidate for that last spot.
  3. Ingame Name: Nigrod Rank: PFC Day of Promo: 2/2/2020 Reason to stay in 501st: 2nd life and is not as bad as ST