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    FBI Roll Call

    Name: Aaron Hotcher Rank and Call Sign: KGB35 Senior Special Agent Date: 28.04.19 How active are you? (be honest please): Eh im active Edited April 18 by Teh_Gat
  2. I waited as i have been busy and i have looked overmy warns and those ones that look false ill appeal i diddent realise it was that long sorry i was very busy
  3. Ill check when im at home its props 2 and a half weeks ill have to check
  4. Aaron Hotcher


    there cloased the apps @nolan corrrctcorrrct?
  5. Naby i never did that? i havent taken anyone away from gl
  6. ok just confirm that with smt but im fully +support now
  7. -support tho In TS it sais you have a PERM staff restriction given by valk my advice is go appeal it and then re upload this
  8. sorry to reply but i only left to 1 server once? this is my first time doig so
  9. Pilskin has agreed to do it!!!! yay
  10. Can you join other GMod servers?: yesCan you join our MilitaryRP server?: YesCan you join other servers with the same map?: Yes How many addons are you currently subscribed to?: Gaminglight ones onlyPost the most recent crash log from C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\GarrysMod (.mdmp file) to dumps.metastruct.uk.to and post the link THE MORE THE BETTER! : http://dumps.metastruct.uk.to/dumper.py?dump=hl2_180315_crash_2018_3_22T20_53_26C0.mdmp&key=rhow59Iij2Jgfw_Y3SzgKmYyBToZi6TeSfAtBNO8-H5joc6AU6hektEj05QIB_Apk3a2l92clxdHwVrtbhUbtr8pR6WssVtl4fqQf9XNkY4X4xyAah7hSj5nqinN_zNS2yYIAZcmm8uBZXDLsaYh9V1xzt549_RHOAjlqlIDhs0=Submit a recording of you joining the server up until the crash: i cant it does it at random ( its the new meth addon)Do you get stuck on a certain download? No
  11. https://www.gmodstore.com/scripts/view/605/darkrp-camera-man-mod
  12. Steam Name: NinjaLightning Ingame Name: Aaron Hotcher SteamID: STEAM_0:0:220764164 Have you donated to the server? Yes i have Staff Restriction Length: 3 months (middle of may it ends) Staff Member that Staff Restricted you: Snar/Nolan i think Reason for Staff Restriction: i think it was because i left staff and went to another server Why do you think that your Staff Restriction should be removed? (longer the better): Ok i want to start of by saying sorry the reason i apologise is the fact that you guys tolorate me the fact that the staff team dosent loose there rag with me and i want to say thank you all my time on gaminglight as staff was exelent i was welcomed i was "wanted" i felt like i could do something better that what i did i know that what i did was wrong and i know that i shouldent have done what i did but i did it because i thought i would get accepted in to that server but i diddent i got rejected i understand that that was wrong but if i get un restriced i wont apply for staff on the server for a while as i feel like you guys dont want me back i feel like i lost all of the respect i had and i feel like im just known now as that minge that i use to be i understand if i have ruind the way you guys look at me and i want to say sorry i want to say sorry for all the ****ups in game and i want to say sorry for they way i treated you and they way i was i know i deserve my restriction but i want to have that option to be staff on the new servers that are comming and i feel like if i dont say sorry if i dont say thanks i will never get it the community diddent shut down i left and i aslo want to say i was removed from staff once before when i was a donor mod and this would be my second chance technically Ill cut to the point now i messed up i did it more than once i know that you think that im mingy but im not and i would like my restrction removed as im no longer staff on the server and im back to my GL self the hotcher that no one knows I want to say thanks to managment and staff for letting me have a 2nd change but i blew it so again with the bottem of my heart im sorry gaminglight community for what i have done
  13. I have spoken to the SS Commader and the strike was valid and you CANNOT appeal it as what you do of of the job is still on the Conduct if you playerdiss we will note that down