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  1. not being funny GET YOUR CORE OFFICERS ME WIN HOW DARE YOU MISS ME OUT have fun dude you will be missed
  2. you said to me and i quote somewhat "i dont play garrys mod anymore"
  3. Man Id kill for that story now, such a laugh The Tom i knew was caring funny and a good player and staff member, something must have ticked to make you act out like this as i have never known you to do this before for that reason +SUPPORT People -supporting this, you say this isnt the way to change to prove he has changed... the only way he can prove to us that he has changed is if he gets a second chance to show us ingame that he has changed
  4. just do what i said above and follow the format and the requirements and there will be no issues!
  5. Ok so you need your steam ID to find that Google "Steam ID Finder" You also need your weapon string in order for that you need to go ingame, push Q, Go to weapons Find the gun you want right click and "copy to clipbord" then paste it where it says weapon the colour you need in RGB so google "Dark orrange in RGB" and copy the numbers from there. the playermodel has to be under 4MB so anything over 4 you cant have unless you pay more and last of all you need to follow the format that can be found here: https://gaminglight.com/forums/topic/1446-custom-job-format/
  6. ill walk you through how to Post it proerly
  7. ok the ip is ts.gaminglight.com you can go to this post for help ill help you more when you are in then
  8. ive sent him a message and ill walk him through how to make it properly
  9. - Support this is just purely based on something that happend yesterday and any 1LT would know not to do it expecialy when applying for CPT - Was partaking in a RU base wide "kill house" while he was not the person who started it when asked by a MAJ of core to stop they did fail to do so - the main party responcible for doing it has been punished but you were also involved in it and i got shot and so did a afk person - this shows lack of basic rules and the officer guidlines as if you had read them you would know that your not allowed to do that - saying this he is a good leader but i think he needs more time and training to read over the officer hand book and makre sure that he knows what he can and cant do.
  10. What is your name?: AaronHotcher What is your rank in MP?: SI How active are you (On Your MP Job)?: Every Day Do you have any suggestions/reworks for MP?: No Are you apart of OMON?: Yes
  11. - support - dissrespecing SMT is a big no no - And double staffing is a clear violation of the staff handbook