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  1. Jakeee

    Aj Staff Application

    +|- Support Has has previous staffing experience Decent application Question 18 needs a lot more detail- you failed to mention any punishments you would actually give the player. Good luck
  2. -support never seen you in game before Never seen on staff My reasons may depend on timezones but good luck anyways
  3. + Support Active Trains Cadets Helps other officers Lt for a good amount of time Mature Knows how to deal with situations Good Luck Jeff, you deserve it! Captain Jakeee 1L64
  4. I need cash got no cars ?
  5. What a SCAM, nahh JK gg munchies. Spend it wisely
  6. gimme dat moneys im poor af
  7. Name: Jakeee Steam link(be in the group): https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198184470481/ Should I do a Christmas one: YEAH
  8. His last application did not have any content. He did not answer the questions. I believe he posted it by accident.
  9. I am so deeply sorry for what you and your family have been through, I cant even begin to imagine the distress It caused you all. I mean at the end of the day this is a game and you did not need to enter so much detail but again sometimes things are good to get out and say. I apricate you picking up the courage to explain the awful situation you and your family went through. +/- Support -Havent seen you much (maybe due to timezones) -Decent Application -Only been SM 3 days, (joining Low-Command is a big responsibility) Good Luck I have to be honest, like I said I apricate you telling us a big part of your life but your application do not state exactly what you can bring/do to the department as Low-Command.
  10. Love you Dane all the homo that I can possibly give you
  11. Jakeee

    Arsenal Update

    Sounds good, read and understood.
  12. Did we miss easter this year, I don't remember getting any chocolate