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  1. Well, it's been fun, but lately I've been extremely burned out on GL and just not in the mood to get on anymore due to the current server environment. I may be back again one day, but probably not any time soon.
  2. hoopsure

    Hoopsure LOA

    I am extending this till Friday 3/20/2020. some stuff came up.
  3. hoopsure

    Hoopsure LOA

    Name: Hank Rank: MSGT Callsign: xm4 Date of LOA Leave/Return: 3/13/2020-3/17/2020 Reason (if private write N/A): I need a break from server.
  4. It was severely nerfed.
  5. Anyone caught using 420-J will be arrested by gensec and turned into a class D
  6. +support just do what we did on SCP, nerf mobility, double the spread, and double the recoil. Damage and fire rate unchanged. very good nerf without making it a trash gun.
  7. Your In-game: Hoopsure Your SteamID: STEAM_0:1:62133457 The admin's name in-game: O5-3: "The Beacon" The admin's steam name (If you know it): [GL] Rangiatea What warning did you receive: Minge | RDM Evidence of the warn (REQUIRED): Why do you think this warn was false: I wasn't brought to a sit or told why I was warned & blacklisted off the Ordinance specialist job. I assume he did it because he thought I got on the job and went to blow up his helicopter for no reason, however I was told by a site admin, DOC Camo, to go blow his helicopter up. The full story was that me and the other person who just got whitelisted for the job were on surface, ran into camo, heard the helicopter flying around, saw it land somewhere, then camo told both of us to blow it up. I asked him is he sure he wants us to blow it up and he said yes. So we shot our grenade launchers and missed, and headed to where it was landed, I placed my C4 down on a 10 second timer as per MOTD and ran before it exploded. About 10ish minutes later I'm in the facility during defcon 3 in 035s CC making sure he doesn't escape with a group of other MTF while they fix his CC when I get kicked off the job and it says I got blacklisted off the job, then a minute later I get the warning from rang. Any extra information: EDIT: Rang never took damage from me, so I don't see how I can be warned for RDM when I never damaged him. Rang's game crashed a second before the C4 was even placed, let alone before it went off. I also don't see how following the orders of the DOC can be minging... my job doesnt have access to foundation comms except for /foundation so I don't know what they may or may not already know about the heli or whos flying.
  8. I wouldn’t really count TTT since it very rarely gets more than 0 players on it.
  9. +support wrong person was banned
  10. I’m gonna need this whitelist uhhhh ASAP thanks. seems like someone Typed too many 1s..
  11. hoopsure


  12. +/- support + for logistics member, would give research more to do -support for espionage, not so much that I don’t like the idea, more so with how CI is structured, I don’t see how they could possibly get any useful intel other than they are about to raid without using some meta.. if there was a way to make it work without causing issues I’d love to see it, but with how CI works right now I can’t see it working well.
  13. +support one of the most active staff on the server. also one of the better staff on the server