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  1. +support all the features of it sound amazing, majority of the reasons for -support are things that can be fixed within a few days. Long term this would be a good map
  2. +Support knows how to run stuff in CI, and can do it well.
  3. UPDATE: I've fixed this, But I had to have someone who already had the map in their gmod files send it to me. My thinking for why this happens is because the map may not be in the servers FastDL files by itself, if its apart of the content files it won't work cause gmod cant extract it alone.
  4. Yes I have all the content and everything. I think this may be an issue on zeeptins end where the map isn't in the servers FastDL.
  5. Every time i try to join it says "Missing map rp_military_gaminglight_v5" I've deleted and Reinstalled all my addons, i've deleted and reinstalled gmod, I have "allow all downloads from severs" enabled in my settings. No dice. The map need to be added to the content files or something. Apparently other people are having this issue too.
  6. Ohhhhhhh yes, Been waiting for this update! Thanks zeeptin!