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  1. Super Admins can staff off duty, Superadmins can Perma Ban, Their decisions/replies on apps are weighted heavier, this is a stepping stone for some staff members to show their worth when the time comes for an open SMT position. This rank is way more trusted and is the start of COC for player issues that require more than what an Admin can do.
  2. +Support - Active - Mature - Trusted - Educated in rules - Friendly - Great Leader in SRT - Great staff member - Has been Admin for a long time - Long time staff member in general - Great app - Lots of effort in app Good Luck!
  3. ok.. ill belive it when I see it
  4. Still waiting... @harrysykes11
  5.  Vinny

    Chad's Admin App

    +Support - Active - Mature - Friendly - Honest - Knows rules - Calm - Low warns - Great app - Serious pheew, Good luck!
  6. I thought we didn't allow giveaways, that's how the economy broke.
  7. Thanks sir, honestly we should have it auto pop up in chat like all the other adverts.