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  1. Id like to say HAPPY NEW YEAR BOISSSS
  2. 100% Agree with munchies your also great at roleplay!
  3. -Support No Effort Wrong Answer To Question 14
  4. He will probably avoid you, he was on the server yesterday without being in the teamspeak and I don’t see any moderator / trial moderator application. In my opinion the behaviour and attitude shown in this forum post and his behaviour in game are enough to show he shouldn’t be staff. I have already taken the video to SMT however I have also saved all his immature commments in this forum post as he has a history of deleting evidence.
  5. Honestly mate I’m getting a bit sick of your attitude to this whole thing, if you want to act immature that’s fine Come speak to me in teamspeak if your going to act that way because your just showing your self up here
  6. There's no copyright on videos unless it has been protected by law, To me, it seems like your getting defensive. If you want further discussion we can take it to PMs, However just note I shall not be taking down the video until SMT has told me i must
  7. Not on staff so it is a player report, This is a consent thing that happens all the time, Aarons staff report was -Supported for wrong section so i put mine here xD
  8. Your in-game name: Daniel Mulléllè Your Steam ID: STEAM_1:0:32600397 The player's in-game name: Meth Man / Melon or something along those lines The player's steam ID (required): The players Steam Profile is private however I have his link https://steamcommunity.com/id/thekingmelon What did the player do: In my opinion the player we are speaking off, Melon Man, Used aim in this video. I slowed down the video by 4x and it shows him, Once again in my opinion, Locking onto the player (Death)'s Head Evidence (required): What do you believe should happen to the player: A Perma Ban should be issued or a staff restriction Any extra information: I will upload a version with both videos, The original video of this is taken down, however, I downloaded it, It was taken down after death confronted him. Also i have taken this video to multiple members and they agree with me
  9. @Rhenic @Munchies @Tom Brown @Aaron Hotcher