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  1. goto the report section make sure you have evidence
  2. R5 Get my computer *Begin Retina Scan* *LOGGING IN* WELCOME MASTER OF THE ORDER Log 1 Science made something from his stupid research department he said . I don't know what it is but it kills when you move talk and have a flash light. Science sent us down to a place I don't where because I wasn't paying any atteion to him at all. We got down to the infection zone and o my it smells like spoiled milk and I had a really bad feeling about that!. There's these creatures with like these spider like things on them and they bite hard. Some contain toxins that weaken the body. I don't know but when we got to the FOB we got the Sciencest like our mission I thought we would just keep walking to the LZ then I felt something like I did when that unknown thingy came to our ship. Science says nothing can kill it So when I saw it I had to try because I'm the 2nd most powerful Jedi in the order and my Best knight I had Groot and I decided to face it 2 on 1 we were destroying it its not very good at fighting. When Science made a run for it Groot said Master Windu I'm going to distract it Groot did a sacrifice to the Jedi to protect Science. When we left poor Groot my best knight we have died we tought We got back to the ship after science yelled at us for not backing down because I NERVER BACK DOWN. We gave Groot a good memorial service for his good deeds to the Republic and the Jedi order! Then We saw a random ship crash in MHB and it was GROOT he was ALIVE and well! Science we must know how to defeat this thing and we don't ill do it my self Love Master Windu *logging out* This will be updated hasInsert other media this unkown event goes on!
  3. CampbellSoup

    NEW MAP!

    What you want to see? - This map called rp_starwars_v2 Very cool map big skybox many places to go a city and a cave and a base with hangebays to! the base is big enough to have many big ATS walk around! Why should we add it? - Because it adds a new map to us and looks pretty cool! What are the advantages of having this? - Large skybox for air battles City for Objective events! Caves for idk events AND JABBAS PLACE FOR RP AND OBJECTIVE! Who is it mainly for? - GMS and players Links to any content - MAP LINK!
  4. ---support Rushed commented on app no detail good luck Campbell Admin
  6. Cooper master yoda / dad cooper oh bud you trusted me with Jedi coucil and it’s the best thing to ever happen to me . You did almost get me grounded but it was worth it I’ll miss your laugh your voice and your passion to the Jedi I’ll miss you a lot add me on steam [GL] NewBabou
  7. I tought you were ingenue th3 but +suppot
  8. Huge -support not very mature to do this this should be a permanent no appeal
  9. China bb I’ll fucking miss you idk if this is true if your resging please don’t if so I love you my write up is sad and I love you #battlionrepairman #327thforever