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  1. I nerver see you on trooper
  2. Give me his steam ID I can ban him for you if you want
  3. CampbellSoup

    TINN’s LOA

    In Game Name: Jedi Master Seasee Tiin Rank: master Start of LOA:1/11 End of LOA:1/12 Reason (If private say private): Going out of town for a weeding ps I might be able to convince parents to let me stay home
  4. Monday won’t be on all day and night Tuesday won’t be on all day but will be on in the night Wednesday off I’ll be on all day but not in night Thrusday I’ll be on around 12 till 1 friday off off all day and all night Till 1 in the morning on Thursday XD
  5. Alpha I’m sorry to say -support you can’t be trusted inmature just got got kicked off GMS for abusing power
  6. Name: Fives /Campbell Rank:1LT Approximant date of promotion:idk How active can you be:  Friday Saturday Sunday mostly all day and all night  Any side note(s)?:I’m in the Jedi coucil so I will switch off and on every event