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  1. Steam Name: TheWaterFish (The_Water_Fish) Ingame Name: (N/A SteamID: STEAM_0:1:8735405 Ban Length:Perm Admin that Banned you: ARU Commisioner Valk Reason for Ban: 46 warns. Dispute: Its been a little over a year since my ban on Oct 17 2017 and I want to get back into police RP and this is the best sever that I know of and have friends suggesting it to me. One of the main reasons I have so many warns is just because of the amount of hours I've played on the sever and the warns just built up over time. I would really appreciate a 2nd chance to have fun on this sever.And I have been informed that the person that is banned me has been removed form they're position and i think that mean the server may have become a better community and would love to add to it.
  2. 1Fish1

    Fish's Ban appeal

    I think this is not getting seen by anyone who is able to unban me so im making another post
  3. 1Fish1

    Fish's Ban appeal

    ey i got 12 other responses is that good. if you need more info you can add me on steam and im willing to help.
  4. 1Fish1

    Fish's Ban appeal

    May i know when roughly i will be unbanned?
  5. 1Fish1

    Fish's Ban appeal

    Thanks if you need more info ill send it your way.
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    Fish's Ban appeal

    Steam Name: TheWaterFish[IG] Ingame Name: N/A (Got banned a long time ago) SteamID:STEAM_1:0:115427967 Ban Length:Perma Admin that Banned you: Valkarie Reason for Ban: 46 warns Dispute: I didn't play Police RP in a long time and haven't gotten a long or perma ban on any servers I mainly wait them out but my friend wanted me to join him and told me the admin that banned me was removed so I'm deciding to ask for a appeal on my ban here is a screen shot of my ban : https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1466242090