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  1. Bodil

    Recent behavior in PD.

    Read and Understood.
  2. See, either I didn’t hear you or something. To me you just kept ramming. I didn’t know you were. If you were, I apologize and will take the warn. You kept ramming us and I figured you were mad about something and were annoying us.
  3. There were no admins on. I said that in my replay. And he wasn’t rping at all, he would come out of no where and just ram us saying nothing. I was in a discord with other sevens and we were all getting annoyed from him.
  4. Yes, I did prop push. But, he kept harassing the sevens over and over, ramming our vehicle. sadly, I have no evidence of this. There were no admins on and I was getting annoyed and apologize. Next time chicken don’t become a 5 year old and ram because, we did one thing to you. I will take the warm, but chikken learn to grow up.
  5. Bodil

    FBI Roll Call Ends 2/18/19

    Name: Bruce Frank Rank: Supervisory Special Agent Date: 1/19/2019 Activity: I'll be on everyday