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  1. Name: JACK Rank & Callsign: CPL XR03 Activity: SEMI Active
  2. Honestly +support Low warns Actually put in relevant answers to staffing
  3. -+supportAlso some of the answers aren't really relevant we want to know why you deserve the rank I know your active to an criminal family but I dont think that is staff related not saying how to write an application but I'd start off with how I am going to help the community etc not that my family's the richest because we care about the person's writing this app not the family,
  4. +-support pretty sure smt does that for it doesnt ruin the reputation of the player , if this is done I think it should be done in PM's
  5. -support reasons listed Not roleplayable I dont think pulling people over in a big fire truck will be that great Other -support pd restricted this to high command because y'all are a police department there for you dont need one of these just use the bear cat more realistic -support tac units already use this enough if anything the fire truck should only be used in hudge emergencies like bank raids silos and marshal law Out an all my opinion is the fire truck should stay heavily exclusive to the EMS department at the fire station , sorry I am a realistic role player even though this is semi serous And what munchies said here
  6. We dont need an other department
  7. Jackk

    Warn appeal

    I think hes trying to get rid of old warns
  8. Jackk

    Staff Report On mikey

    This report it self is just awaste of time comply with staff and none of this would have happen isnt like jail actually means shit anyways with the unrealistic Bailer
  9. All departments are getting a nerf basically
  10. maybe a new ems job could have this
  11. And I wanna ask you something calamity what do you think what makes an custom class unique? , of course it's the playermodel and guns and the special features it has with it, being not be able to copy custom playermodels would be the best in my eyes , and if this rule gets denied, the other person should pay the full amount what it was to get added to the server, sorry I'm just about fairness
  12. So calamity your logic makes sense but also makes no sence at all if you bought s $300 model would you like the person getting that model of choice for only $30 or even free because it's on the server!?! This suggestion is for fairness of the people who buy high end models and dont wanna get ripped off because some other guy wants the same model for $30 , plus yea wasted $80 on the custom job that it self should be your own private model ... it's not doing what you get paid for it's a rip off for high level donators who wants really cool and private skins
  13. -support this is going to get denied anyways