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  1. Jackk

    Plogs issues

    That's where its misused staff members could use it as an advantage over non staff members and if they are allowed off duty they should only be used in sits
  2. +support has been accepted
  3. +support old police rp warn -support warned in a different server
  4. Jackk

    Plogs issues

    What you want to see? - making plogs could only been seen by snr admin off duty Why should we add it? - lots of staff members take advantage of this to meta game and mostly all of them get away with it there has been moments in rp where an staff member would check logs to see who attacked them and where the location of the person ,is plus people below snr admin dont need to use logs for anything off duty as they cant take care of sits off duty What are the advantages of having this? - no metagaming less staff getting away with using these logs off duty for there own gain Who is it mainly for? -staff / everyone Links to any content -
  5. Jackk

    Motd fix

    What you want to see- carjacking gov cars motd fix Why should we add it? - because we cant warn people for following the motd and it says we have to have 3 or more people advertising carjack What are the advantages of having this? - warns given to groups of people for advertising carjack Who is it mainly for? -staff / gov Links to any content -
  6. Jackk

    Jack's False Warn

    +support after reviewing the evidence pointed to me a bit more I found out this warn is false and should be removed asap sorry for your time
  7. Maybe you could only view these idk
  8. So I have kinda found out what happen to my custom class post when you goto like the 64s/80 page none of the customs class posts seems to work I think this issue needs to be fixed asap as it automatically deletes your posts and if your custom job gets removed you can not get it back as there is no proof so you gotta buy a new one I found my post but it will not let me open it and you can not view any ones posts from that time ,
  9. I seen the format lmao I am asking if this model is more than $80 lmao I think this is a question for zeeptin
  10. Is there any like extra charges with the non rp model because I seen the format and it says depending on the model there can be extra fees
  11. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=550768935