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  1. @Pooders Your fine he's not gonna be mad it was just a suggestion to not do it. Like I said it was funny xD
  2. @Matthew said this on discord Matthew LastWednesday at 9:42 AM Hello, I am not going to @ everyone however I would like to say happy April fools! Today to have to some fun. However you should NOT post a fake resignation post, as they will be taken seriously. Please refrain from doing that. That was basically it, have a good one! April 2, 2020 Imagine posting a fake resignation couldn't be me, Could not be me. I don't really care but I thought it'd be kinda funny to see this. I'm doing good tho, thanks for asking.
  3. Ladies and Gents mainly towards All naval personal. I will be (Officially) Stepping down from naval I have decided to do so, I also wanted to give others opportunity for new positions (Not the main reason) And I'm in a new battalion (; That allows one life rules How ever I'm still gonna be on Because I still want to make events and what not. I Love every Single one of you Naval Members and I hope to see you guys rise up in the battalion. Snar: If it wasn't for you I wouldn't have the oppurtunity to be an admiral and my hats goes off to you. Pooders: I love you man I hope to see you Some where soon (; Egag: Favorite naval minge, also go feed your cat For the rest of you guys: Stay Strong, Grow in power, Fall with honor. Please be respectful if I see you guys lacking, Then you gonna be getting the clapping. ~Admiral Thermite Signing Off
  4. Accepted Come speak with me ingame ~Admiral Thermite
  5. Accepted Come speak with me ingame. ~Admiral Thermite
  6. +Support -Short app, but understands the rules -Active - Haven't seen any reports (which is good) -He genuinely wants to help ~GameMaster Team ChibiCorbin
  7. What do you want to see? - New medical Defibrillator for medical battalion. Why should we add it? - It would add more roleplay for the medical battalion, seeing that are current Defibrillator's don't work at all. Also we have no actual way of reviving other troops. What are the advantages of having this? - Being able to bring more Roleplay to the medical battalion and revive players on the battlefield and etc. Who is it mainly for? - Medical Battalion Links to any content -
  8. +Support -Great Medical -Listen's to orders -Well known -Active -Never Had issues with Vita once -Respectful among medical -Would make a good [Vice Commander] ~ CMO Vice Admiral Thermite
  9. So are Custom Class just got added and we're having some issues with it. 1. Health is 1500| should be (3500) [Payed] 2. Our (Lightsaber) does [No damage] and some force abilities are not [fully functional] 3. Salute does not work 4. We also spawn in the Admin Room
  10. +Support -Very Funny -Serious when needed to be -Knows what do -Great Guy overall ~CMO Thermite