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  1. I have spoken with "Darth Vader" (Luci) If you are not VCMDR or CMDR of the Medical battalion Please do not hop on the whitelist if caught doing so you will be punished. (Demotion/Striked/Suspended) ~Fleet Admiral Thermite -High Command team
  2. +support Not only do those ranks not (some) exist, some of the ranks on the chart are not properly equivalent to the matching rank we currently have instated throughout "All Regiment/Battalions"
  3. +Support I was with you today while building a dupe for a later event you were very kind and knowledgeable. Also you were not hesitant to ask questions which is very seeking of you. +Very Kind +Active +seeking to help GM team +Knowledgeable
  4. until
    New weapon is being tested by manga droids
  5. until
    Deathstar has been invaded and captured by the Rebels ~Thermite
  6. until
    Thermites/Chibi's event
  7. +Support -Kind -Respectful -Leadership skills -Active
  8. until
  9. +support -only high command member that doesn't have it -He can handle issues right then and there
  10. until
    Chibi/Thermite event
  11. until
    501st Sim
  12. until
    Mission handed out by (ISB 021 Agent Kallus)
  13. +support -Active -Serious -Passionate about SF
  14. Accepted Please make sure to follow the Specialty Officer guidelines. ~Thermite