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    tcoops' LOA

    In-game Name: tcoops SteamID: STEAM_0:0:161946636 Rank: LCPL Length of LOA: Not sure tbh Reason: Got to focus on school and trying to sort out moving houses
  2. Name: tcoops & Kitty Call-sign: 1S88 & 1S66 Rank: PFC Activity: We're a solid 1
  3. It has been in the past.
  4. + Support I've seen many blacklists successfully appealed.
  5. I think he should be allowed to appeal it.
  6. tcoops

    Creeper? aw man

    Where's the creeper?
  7. I had permission my dude. The rule states that you 'can not STEAL government vehicles'. I never stole, I had permission to drive for her whilst she was getting a bowl of ice cream. What's so hard to understand about that?
  8. Show me the MOTD rule saying you can't DRIVE a government vehicle. I never staff dissed. Where's your proof of that? Shouldn't be any, because I didn't. Also, if you checked my /job, I wasn't a thief, I was a "Personal Driver" and I even said that Kitty 'hired' me to drive for a few moments till she got back from getting ice cream. I'm going to state my opinion on my warn appeal, because clearly no one listens to me when I was in-game. I have a problem, so I'm talking about that problem.
  9. Show me the MOTD rule saying exactly that.
  10. Where in the MOTD does it say that you can't DRIVE EMS vehicles. Not STEAL, but DRIVE. There is a difference between having permission and not having permission. She was legit sat in the seat behind me getting icecream IRL. What is the problem there? I HAD permission.
  11. Your In-game: tcoops Your SteamID: STEAM_0:0:161946636 The admin's name in-game: Calamity The admin's steam name (If you know it): Nope. What warning did you receive: Stealing a government vehicle. Evidence of the warn (REQUIRED): Why do you think this warn was false: I don't like to come and appeal warns because in all honesty, I couldn't care less. However Calamity just rides my spine, and I feel like this is something that should be said and appealed. Well first off, Kitty went to go and get a good ol' bowl of ice cream and asked me if I could drive the vehicle around till she gets back. Me being the kind soul I am, said yes. So I'm driving around and you can't blame me for hitting a pole or two because 1. the driving system sucks, and 2. I haven't drove on gMod in a lifetime. So when another cop puts his lights on signalling for me to pull over, I indicate and carefully pull to the side of the road and half onto the curb out of other civilians' way. So there I am, pulled over and having a nice chat with a cop. The cop does not care about whatever I have to explain myself which I think is straight up unprofessional and unfair. Then here comes an admin, Smaug. I explain to Smaug that Kitty went to go get ice cream and that I was in a call with her at the time, and that she should be back very soon. The FBI agent James is still there complaining down the microphone to how I 'stole' a government vehicle. Blah blah, conversation happens and then I get teleported AGAIN by Calamity. I attempt to talk to Calamity and tell him that I had permission from the owner of the vehicle (who may I add was in the car with me at the same time, obviously on another seat and not on my lap) and that she was going to be back very soon. Calamity being the big senior admin he is does not care about what I have to say. I tell Calamity that there's nothing in the MOTD about driving an EMS car WITH the EMS' permission till they get back (which may I add was a few minutes). I then google the definition of "steal" and tell Calamity that it means "to take another person's property without permission". I had permission. Don't get what he didn't understand about that. Without the chance to speak without being interrupted and overspoken, Calamity returns me. In order to save his high 'ego' and pride, when I say "got to love it with the super admin doesn't know the rules or the definition of "stealing"" in chat, he instantly jails me and speaks to me without giving me the proper chance to speak and have a civil conversation. He then gave up and returned me. So here I am, appealing a false warn because 1. I didn't steal it, and 2. you told me to come and appeal it. Any extra information: Not that I should say. So I tried to express myself and state a point by replying to the admin's comments, but a good ol' forum diplomat came along and is removing my content. So I'll say it here: I had permission. There's a difference between 'having permission' and 'not having permission'. The whole 'not' part. I had permission. It was for a few minutes at the most, she came back after Calamity finished jailing me. You're all just making something that's not even a problem, into a problem just for the entertainment.
  12. I remember my very first warn - Me and an IRL friend, Seb, were standing on PD gate dancing and singing a song and then Nolan warned us for copbait. We then got arrested where Seb sang the Canadian anthem which resulted in Valkyrie showing up and mingeing him for ages.