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  1. Let's keep this open for +/- Supports, If you have an issue take it to DMs
  2. +/- Support + Very active in the community and server + Has been doing a good deal of training - Gives orders for everyone to follow during war, which was way out of line for a 1LT, Orders are given out by generals or if there are none, the high commanding officers. - Doesn't always follow orders, can be a little hesitant at times If others think you are ready for CPT, I hope to see you improve in these areas
  3. +Support No doubt in my mind, Kiwi most certainly uses hacks
  4. +/- Support Honestly the fog makes sniping more difficult, but that is the point, to give those without snipers a chance to get to the battlefield without dying immediately Although I think there should be less fog so snipers can effectively counter snipe, as stated there are points where you can see further than your enemy which makes it an unfair advantage
  5. +Support Good Soldier Follows orders Good leader
  6. +Support Good Soldier and an even better leader Great combat effectiveness Follows Order when given
  7. +Support Shows great leadership Follows orders Great combat effectiveness
  8. +/- Support I will say I have seen a recent change in your behavior, but you need to learn to follow orders, and I mean any higher ups orders, if you disagree with an order make a suggestion, but every order given is final unless stated otherwise and you need to learn that Other than that you have been improving with combat effectiveness and respecting others, even though there has been mistakes
  9. +Support Good Leader Good Soldier Follows orders well
  10. -Support don't see why it matters that other servers have longer respawn times, and as Androntel said, Snipers would have to wait half a minute every time
  11. I'm a bit confused, you guys know this is an application for Alcatraz right? y'all keep saying my name
  12. SteamID : STEAM_1:1:112122240 In-Game name: USMC FORECON LTC Niko If Accepted this is a payment to be added to the custom job
  13. I'm just confused why they're trying to take this guys car, I understand he is a higher up but since when does DI take vehicles from players, or even a General of the Army for that matter Still -Support, you should've listened and made a report about them just taking your car without a reason
  14. +Support Good Leader Follows orders Plenty of experience