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  1. Accepted Please see LTC+ for your training
  2. Well lads, I went and got a job and now I am working 5 days a week (usually doubles) and it will most certainly effect my activity on the server. I will still check forums, roster, and discord every night but I will not be able to respond during the day except for Fridays and Saturdays. I should still be able to make the officer meetings but it depends on what I am doing. -USMC FORECON VCMDR Niko
  3. Name : Niko Rank : VCMDR Might not be able to attend this meeting, going to a family gathering tomorrow, will try to make it but it may take too long
  4. +/- Support I disagree with adding 2 weapons to each job, it will definitely cause a balance issue But the Bravo is a good replacement for the Tavor, since the Tavor is all but useless And the crewman is pretty much useless as well, so I would agree it should be a different title, Rifleman is a good fit, but again adding a second weapon would be too much
  5. I'll start off by saying both of these men are amazing at their jobs, they are some of the more active staff within our community and when it comes down to it they are efficient and just. It appears that there is a severe lack of RU, meaning US has a chance to have fun, and that may involve less RP than if the server was populated. The kidnapping of shadow was done by troops and not staff, the jihad bomb was clearly not used to rdm any individual. The only issue here is if someone had made a case about being rdmed by the staff, which this video would be perfect. But, since you were not rdmed yourself, unless one of the individuals involved steps up this video means nothing. If you wanted to make a report about ardm on yourself, that would actually make sense. It appears that the targets of the grenade launchers were just the people looking to have fun and relax while some more RU got online. At any point during this encounter you could have asked why or have asked them to stop, but since you did neither I don't see how this pertains to you. You were not involved with whatever was going down, nobody really tried to kill you, and nobody but you seems to be concerned with what happened. You're a good man Androntel, but these are also 2 very respected staff within Gaminglight, and I don't see how any of this evidence is going to change that.
  8. You may have been a bit mingy, and at times annoying, but there is no doubt you truly helped the Marines to get back on their feet in desperate times. With a bit more maturity I believe you will make a fine man one day. I hope you enjoy your time away, and hope this allows time for you to grow. God speed Blue Bird
  9. Cousin Niko

    Nova's LOA

    Sounds good, enjoy it
  11. Accepted See LTC+ For your training
  12. This is a bit of a grey area, some admins say that if the vehicle is grounded, you may not shoot, others say if they left and went back in they can be shot down. I believe a rule should be in place to put everyone on the same page. Also, enemy aircraft should never be able to go into the enemy base at all. +Support
  13. Doesn't matter how much HP a helicopter has if it can just be brought back up seconds after taking it down, it is equipped with enough arsenal to take down a tank and an entire squad of infantry if used by someone who knows what they're doing. It is very unbalanced without the cool down so I think this is a great way to fix the issue +Support