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  1. You dont understand the full story of my history here
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    What you want to see? - Photon Lighting Why should we add it? - Better controls,better sirens, better lighting, better amber lights. What are the advantages of having this? - different tones of sirens, blue/ red lighting.. Who is it mainly for? -Police,State police,Srt,EMS,Swat,nsa,fbi Links to any content -
  3. Your In-Game Name: RUAF A1C Anderson Surpant Your SteamID:STEAM_0:0:158444304 Staff member's In-Game Name:RUAF ADF CPT SINSP Jones What did they do? Abused me when i did nothing wrong but blew up his quad on a miss click and when i switch from ru to us to get away from him because he was abusing me on Military police, he then switched to administration to teleport to me and pick me up and move me a different place, all because of a quad Evidence (REQUIRED): What do you think is an acceptable punishment? just a talking to would be acceptable