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  1. -support Bambob can’t drive whatsoever but he can staff
  2. Waking up to the video of him shooting a 5 yo wasn’t the best, thanks for making this.
  3. Isn’t it like cars when you’re on gov CC? Use the same car as your rank.
  4. If you’re commissioner in PD and go on the class you would be GOA (Think that’s what he means).
  5. Alton fan club is the best.
  6. It happens a bit but it really doesn’t matter much as it rarely happens and when it does it’s a small amount of HP.
  7. No offense but cadets usually aren’t the brightest minds and go outside all the time, shoot them and train them don’t warn them.
  8. The owner of the class said he informed Zeeptin that anyone could join that pays the 20$.
  9. So he said that if you pay the 20$ u can join it.
  10. I heard that Valk’s ”Strike First” was him banning staff on other communities because they were staff there. If this is the case then + support but need Zeeptins response.
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    He’s just saying sorry.