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  1. -support I mean, I’ve said the same thing. I went on SCP and was RDMed countless times, nobody played it and I simply had an awful time on it and I should be allowed to say that.
  2. I’ll hold off until Zeeptin responds.
  3. Not making a + or - support but are you saying he should be allowed to decide himself whether or not he should be punished and if he broke a rule?
  4. Ah, thought u got banned from all the servers. +support then
  5. I support +support but if you were banned I’m not so sure it counts. Idk if you’ve been unbanned but it says you have to be active I believe.
  6. I’m not quite sure why people so +/- as it’s up to SMT only. Old warns are valid and so I don’t see why anyone would respond to the appeals. If he’s wrong, it will be denied.
  7. I may have misunderstood, but: From what I understand it was because the staff didn't Understand he was gagged. Staff normally see that the person is gagged and do something to remove the gag instead of simply closing the sit. If Smoke tried to communicate with the staff then I don’t see the problem.
  8. I’m not quite sure what he was warned for? Was he warned for trying to communicate with the staff member?
  9. +support Bounties are technically RDM but I understand that it can be very confusing if staff are throwing bounties around. I think that the warn should be removed but that he shouldn’t do it again.