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  1. Lore Name: Jacob Rank: Associate Researcher SCP: SCP-098 Question / Idea: Can clothes make out of cut-resistant materials make SCP-098 near to useless in terms of danger? Background Research: SCP-098 is able to cut through bones and flesh with little to no problems through their knife-like legs. Hypothesis: SCP-098 will follow his standard hunting tactic but the suit will prove too much of a problem to them, and even in large numbers they'll not be able to succeed in their hunt. Observations: D class personnel got into protective gear, composed of gloves, pants, shirt, and boots all made from durable and cut-resistant material. He then proceeds to enter the SCP-098 containment chamber but was intimated by multiple instances of SCP-098, who were hungry, but after a while, he entered the containment chamber. D class personnel was then attacked by a group of SCP-098 with one of them being the main one (see photo #1). At first, they were seemingly successful but after a while, the attacks weakened. They tried disorienting their prey with screams of pain but even then they were not able to do much damage to do the D class or penetrate his protective gear. After a while attacks ceased only to again resume, but at a much weaker strength being unable to do anything on D class personnel, who by now wanted to get out of there. D class personnel was taken out of the containment chamber, with minor difficulties caused by instances SCP-098 who did not completely give up on their food. He took off his gear back onto the clothing stand and was escorted to medbay were examined and minor body injuries on legs were found, he was then given amnestics and taken to the D block. SCP-098 were fed a small pig. Evidence/Visual Stimuli: Attached photo #1. Analysis / Conclusion: SCP-098 was unable to penetrate D class clothes probably because the way they were made, with a simple goal in mind which is cut protection, was a problem even for their knife legs. There is also a second possibility that they were weakened by the lack of food and after the initial attempt, they lost energy to keep on with trying to hunt their prey down. Was Your Hypothesis Correct?: It was, instances of SCP-098 were following their standard pattern but after they were unsuccessful there wasn't any real danger to the D class personnel. Additional notes: This test should be repeated to see if SCP-098 had adapted, due to their nature this is a possibility. Photo #1
  2. Lore Name: Jacob Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:100314425 Rank: Associate Researcher Activity Level: 7