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  1. - support The fact he is willing to admit he is in the wrong means a lot. I've known him to be a good guy at the heart, he just makes poor choices sometimes (don't we all?). The fact he is willing to admit to being wrong here means a lot and shouldn't be ignored.
  2. youd make the normal fbi useless. this is really all the department does right now
  3. Your In-Game Name: Ryan Your SteamID: STEAM_0:1:177289514 Staff member's In-Game Name: Springs What did they do? He grabbed a wall in my gun store when flying around. This is an understandable mistake (although staff shouldn't be flying around with the physgun out anyways), but the way he proceeded to handle the mistake is extremely unacceptable. Instead of saying "Hey man I accidentally broke your wall" his solution was to fly away silently hoping I didn't notice. Unfortunately for him, there were three people browsing my shelves that saw him do it, and they informed me (that's when I started recording). This isn't the end still. When confronted instead of apologizing for what he did he tried to make excuses. Staff are supposed to be friendly people that help the players. Making a mistake and trying to cover it up like this is the complete opposite of everything being a staff member stands for. Evidence (REQUIRED): What do you think is an acceptable punishment? Strike, only if Verbal warning isn't an option id like to put emphasis that i don't want anything major to be done to springs. That's not the point of making this. All I desire is for the staff team to learn from this and make sure nobody does it in the future. Springs is always a really good guy and I've never seen him do anything like this before.
  4. If there's one thing in life I've learned, it's that you can't let one person, or even a group of people bring you down. Don't listen to what they say. You are an amazing person. I enjoyed building the FBI base with you, and I certainly will miss you being here. Don't forget that you truly are special. It's a shame you won't be staying here, but wherever life may take you, don't let that fact go forgotten. Hope to see you again one day, Ryan
  5. if you fix this sledge hammer fix the one aru breachers have. It also won't do damage when it's supposed to
  6. +/- support +The President job is very dull. There's nothing more than basing in attempt to stay hidden from criminals, and it gets boring within minutes. There are very few things he can do to change laws, and it really feels like there should be more -This, however, is not the way the issue really needs to be fixed. Yes I do believe the President should have more control over what laws can be made, but that isn't enough. What we need is more responsibilities and exiting RP opportunities for the President job
  7. Major + Support Other than a really bad attempt at intimidating DDI, Ender is a really good guy and an amazing Senior Moderator. He's been in the team for ages now and is one of the most active and friendly person. I personally believe that Ender is more than ready for Admin. Good luck! P.s. I'm still not scared of your Negev
  8. is this an attempt to make us intimidated by you? Because I'm not, and I don't think anyone else is either. There's also a critical flaw in your logic here. I was never the leader of ICE or Ace. In fact, until the final week of Ace, I was mid low command, and didn't have input on how things were run. The only reason I wrote all the documents and applications for the family is due to the fact I'm certified in word. As for me making official forums posts, that was because everyone associated the family with me, so anyone else that did wasn't taken seriously. I was never anything more than the person in the family most people knew, and because of that I was the only one who was blacklisted by most departments and had my name permanently tainted. The three people that ran the family were Jack, Reaper, and Nasa. Here's a really crazy fact that'll blow your mind about them. Not a single one of them are in DDI. In fact, none of them besides Reaper have been seen in-game in months.
  9. i can see it being possible to add special rounds in that randomly will occur
  10. are you gonna start streaming again?
  11. Doomsday Inc. is officially accepting applications! Everyone is now able to join us!
  12. dissing is, as i've reminded everyone at least 100 times now, a warnable offense
  13. + support Mature up is not a valid reason to kick. As a senior admin, he should know this, and that he needs to explain to the player why he is kicking them before kicking them. From this side of the story it certainly looks bad. Once @Freeze says his side I will update this.
  14. again, staff diss is warnable