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  1. Understood. My apologies for being dishonest. I didn’t realize that it counted if it was private. I have deleted the post if that makes anything better.
  2. It’s not advertising if they’re my friends and it’s in our discord. That post was in a private Discord that only a few of us are in, all of us being close with each other, and was posted after several people asked me for the link so they could + support it. In the future it would be nice if you actually told the entire story instead of just the part that makes me look bad. Thanks for taking the time to hear my side of the story, it means a lot
  3. +/- Support + Great PD Command member + Professional + Helpful towards newer officers + The only Major I have ever seen training OFCs - As you said yourself, your activity isn't as good as it should be. If this were improved I would give every bit of support I could give +/- The application is great, but could be a bit longer. Good luck!
  4. +/-Support We all make mistakes. And we all learn from them. But what makes a mistake something worthy of a blacklist is a toxic attitude. You refused to own up to your mistakes, and when you didn’t have your way you bashed the command member. That made you deserve the demotion. However you were stubborn, and refused to learn anything, doing the exact same thing a second time. Even here you showed next to no effort, and are arguing with everyone that comments on it. I believe that everyone has the potential to succeed if they are given the right help. But that potential is wasted if you are unwilling to use it. In order for me to support it fully I need to see effort. Show that you are willing to change and learn. Prove to the community that you want to try. I can assure you this will be denied for obvious reasons, and if you truely wish to appeal this, you need to wait before trying again until you’ve done the following: Change your attitude Respect authority Learn from mistakes Show effort in your appeal
  5. any estimates on when its coming back?
  6. + Support + The M4A1 is a rifle. PD in real life use it so much because it is a reliable firearm in shootouts. In the game it barely does anything. It has a god awful fire rate, and horrible recoil. If you do land shots with it, they almost always will hit the suspect’s body, which does only a few hp of damage to their armor. Enough to shrug off. When they have a Negev that pulverizes PD, there is no hope to fight back. + The M4A1 is given to supervisors. Having it be so bad, and restricted to those ranks has a few issues. A) Most tactical departments allow you to apply at SGT+, which means most people will leave the PD after reaching that SGT B) It conveys the message that SGT+ are not any different from lower ranks, which simply isn’t true. They earned their ranks through many hours of hard work. C) There is wasted skill. SGT+ are ranks that require many hours of work and large amounts of skill. Giving them useless weapons is wasting the potential that they have to do something useful.
  7. Massive + Support + Most people use the forums when they are unable to get on their computer + This would draw in new people who see the app on the App Store + This is extremely feasible + People will want to get push notifications on their phone. Especially to see when people reply to applications. + This will make it easier to compete with other major communities such as Defcon, as they will almost certainly not follow suite for a while + Staff will be able to do their job without being at their computer + There’s no harm in seeing how it works out
  8. Rank You are Applying For: Lieutenant In-Game Name: SM Ryan 1B27 / Ryan The Epic Guy SteamID: STEAM_0:1:177289514 Current Rank: Sergeant Major How long have you been in your current rank?: 2 years (give or take a few months) As for how long it has been since my return, approximately two weeks. What timezone are you in?: Eastern Standard Time How many Warns do you have?: 0 (There are 44 warns that are still showing, but they were all appealed successfully, and will be removed soon) EDIT: I just looked at the warns through the forums and they were no longer there. I haven’t been able to get on to check in-game, but I do believe that they have been officially removed Why should you be promoted (150 words Minimum): There is much to say about why I deserve the rank, and it all comes down to several topics listed below Experience: My story in the department and Gaminglight as a whole is a long one, and it is only fair that everyone knows who I am and who i have been before accepting me into such a prestigious position. Most of the events I will describe happened several years ago, and my memory may be inaccurate on the finer details. I hereby vow to retell everything as accurately as I can, and to fix any inaccuracies that are brought to my attention. If you notice something wrong send me a private message and I’ll fix it as soon as possible. Pre-Police RP: My journey in Gaminglight begins before joining Police RP for the first time. In fact, Police RP had only recently come out when I first found Military RP. I worked hard to be the best I could there, and even worked my way up to a 2 LT in the U.S. Navy. Eventually I decided to try out Police RP, which at the time was new and growing rapidly. I immediately was hooked on it. Everything that Military RP lacked was there. There was so much to do, and I longed to get into it. I eventually quit Military RP in order to fully dedicate myself towards Police RP. The First Days of Police RP: The very first thing I did in Police RP was join the Cadet job. Back then the automatic quiz had only just been introduced, and it wasn’t very good at teaching how the job worked. After a few accidental taser rushes, fear rp violations, and complaints of my major lack of radio discipline, I was demoted to Cadet, and I was retrained by one of PD command. This was a major help, and I was able to learn better on what I had to do. After this I learned to watch closely and learn how my superiors worked so that I could learn and grow from them. I was eventually promoted to SNR, but there was one thing that I hadn’t even realized was an issue. Driving proved to be my major downfall, as I had never before been exposed to it. I crashed nearly every 100 feet, and PD command noticed it. Eventually I was demoted due to my inability to operate a vehicle, and I nearly left for good. But I didn’t. I returned the next day and began to explore the criminal life. This allowed me to learn to drive much better, and I quickly learned to outmaneuver PD in chases. Eventually there was an update that introduced the Crips and the Bloods, which I enjoyed greatly. In retrospect this also was one of the worst moments in my time on Gaminglight. It marked the beginning of the worst of my days. The Mingey Days: Playing as a Crip Shot Caller had a very negative effect on me. I began to grow ignorant, not caring anymore about rules. I did what I wanted when I wanted. I began to quickly accumulate warns, as I broke numerous rules left and right with no care in the world. Eventually I purchased everything I could buy. After doing so I found no more purpose in playing. My ignorant viewpoint saw nothing left to work for besides cars and money, and I had obtained both. After this I left for a month and a half, having accumulated over 30 warns in a very short period of time... The Glory Days: After a short month and a half break, I returned a new man. I missed the PD and decided to change from my mingey ways. The community quickly noticed the dramatic change in my attitude, as it was apparent. I quickly rose up the ranks in the PD, the FBI, and the EMS. I also applied for T-Mod, but unfortunately the community felt that it was too soon, and that I needed to prove myself different due to my warn count. While I was waiting, I joined the state troopers, and worked myself up to a SNR Trooper. At this point I tried once more and was accepted into the staff team with a very highly supported application. I spent every second of every day on staff for several weeks, which costed me both my command position in EMS and my Trooper position. But I didn’t care. I loved to help players in every way I could, even if it meant sacrificing good positions. When I wasn’t on staff, I was on my PD job, training new cadets and helping to teach the OFCs the lessons I learned, and several of those OFCs I proudly watched rise the rank ladder, and a couple even eventually passed me, and got to PD low command. After a couple months, the community seemed to flip on a dime. Never had I before thought that the community was capable of such toxicity. Memes had been made of harassing and bullying me. I tried to play along, laughing along, but it had begun to affect me outside of Gaminglight. My schoolwork was affected, and I became obsessed with trying to be who the community wanted me to be, hoping it would solve the problem. Instead this made it worse, and I seriously considered leaving. I continued pushing on, and several staff members began to use their powers to warn me for anything they could possibly warn me for. All the stress was getting to me at this point, and it caused me to make small blunders here and there that the community used as grounds to try to remove me from anything they could. At long last I could no longer take it and I put up my 48-hour notice on May 20’th, 2018. A New Era: About a week ago I finally returned, missing the old days of Gaminglight. I accustomed myself to the changes since my departure nearly a year and a half ago. It has felt like a completely different community, with the people who were mods back when I used to be around now SMTs and retired staff. It shocks me. Since my return I have deeply dedicated myself to the PD and stay up late into the night in training the new Cadets. As SGT Jayden, who trains with me on a regular basis, will testify, I use my experience from being an OFC several years ago to give the new cadets what they really need. Not just someone reading off the training guide, but someone who can show them everything and let them interact with their tools and resources. I have been known to give them limited lessons in driving, and to let them use the OFC whitelist so that they can use their items and experience how they work, instead of quickly being read off a script that will quickly be forgotten. Outside of training I am also known to coordinate the lower ranks, teaching them what to do in the situation, guiding them into what they need to be doing, instead of running inside and facing a demotion. Since the old days I have completely changed as a person, being known to give criminals several years off sentences just for being cooperative. I do what I can to be a positive presence in the True North Police Department and will sacrifice much in order to give everyone a positive experience. Throughout my time I have learned and grown. I have learned much that has shaped me into who I am today. I hope to use this wisdom in a good way by joining PD low command. Professionalism: I’m not going to lie and say, “I’m super serious 24/7 about everything that happens around me, never ever joking around.” I am serious, but with a sense of humor. I am serious when needed, and chill otherwise. When something is happening that requires attention, I am known to not only do my part, but also to help others do theirs. I usually am seen coordinating the lower ranked PD members, keeping them from running in with tactical units and showing them how to set up a proper perimeter. When tactical units are unable to respond, and PD is required to make entry, I make use of my Military RP training, formulating ideas on how to best breach, doing what I can to help others to not get killed. I also have been known to spend hours on end training new cadets, going many times as in depth as the guide, sometimes spending over an hour in a session so that all new officers are the best they can be. As of the time I am writing this, every one of the cadets I have trained passed the test with at least 4/5 correct on their first attempt, and none of them have ever gotten into trouble with command for breaking a department rule. I also have helped many returning players who have forgotten how the department works. When being serious is not needed I typically am a chill person. I give Hotshot the finger for dabbing and get incinerated by a flamethrower or let my OFC RP that my radio is stuck on auto scan. I try to be a positive presence in every way I can, and giving a good laugh is an important aspect of doing that successfully. By the way, enjoy this random meme I found on my computer Skill: My goal in this section is NOT to say how I’m better than everyone at everything, as that simply is not true. Everyone is good in their own way, and no single person is “better than everyone else.” My goal instead is to show three areas that I excel the most in. Driving: At first driving was my great downfall. Over the years I have improved greatly and am one of a few PD members that can drive at full speed while staying within the correct lane. I am by no means perfect, but I do think that I am better than most others. I have also mastered tactical maneuvers, and often end pursuits I am in quickly. Training: As stated before, I am very dedicated to training cadets. I do it in a unique way and it works well. If I am able to get permission, I give serious cadets the OFC whitelist to use during training so that they can test how their gear and tools work. I also spend about an hour to train, so that I can truly go into the depth that is necessary. I am also skilled at training in bulk, and with SGT Jayden have peaked at 6 cadets at once, all of which passed the test on their first attempt with perfect scores. I also work hard to help OFCs. Many others find them annoying and leave them to run around the streets on their own. That isn’t what the OFC rank is about. The entire point is for new players to learn from their superiors how to do their job properly. I usually have up to three ride alongs, and unlike many others I give them the guidance they need. I also give limited trust to certain OFCs I know are trustworthy, occasionally allowing them to grab the car if we went far away or letting them put prisoners in jail on their own. Leadership: I am a natural leader, and I make no effort hide it. I’m commonly seen coordinating the lower ranks, making sure they are doing what they should be. For instance, in hostage situations I keep the PD out of sight just around the corner, having them set up a blockade. Another example of this is bank raids. I am most often running around keeping OFCs and SNRs from running in with SWAT while also teaching PD members how to set up a proper perimeter, something that an alarming number of people don’t seem to learn in training. I commonly give one-on-one talks to those who have issues in one way or another, so that they can fix their behavior before command demotes them for it. Many of the lower ranks often come to me first with not only questions, but also reports and recommendations, which I pass on to command if I need to do so. Dedication: I am no Spring chicken. I first joined Police RP only a couple months after it was initially released and loved it ever since. I’ve spent a few thousand hours on the server (the tab menu is relatively new, and it only counts time spent after it was implemented. When I left it was also broken, and therefore it only has recorded the time I have spent on the server after I recently returned). I want to finally get somewhere where I can do something to pay back the community for all of the joy it has brought to my life. PD command will let me do contribute and help grow the group that has always brought me back to the server. The PD. (To save you a large amount of time, there are 2,175 words above. Your welcome ) You agree that disobeying any rules set by High Command will result in an immediate demotion (Yes/No): Yes, I agree that disobeying rules see by High Command will result in my immediate demotion/blacklist
  9. It was a normal Tuesday morning. New York was full of people heading to work, as it was early in the morning. Suddenly air traffic control received troubling news. A Boeing 767, United Airlines 11 was hijacked, and had deviated from it’s initial flight path. At the time nobody knew what horrible event was currently unfolding. Air traffic control did not report the hijacked aircraft until well after it had initially deviated, and from there the report slowly went through a beuracratic loop, as the plane flew further and further off course until it reached New York. At 8:46 am a large explosion was heard as the plane suddenly flew into the side of the North World Trade Center. The entire nation turned it’s head as the single deadliest terrorist attack in history began to unfold. A second Boeing 767, bound for LA was also reported to air traffic control as hijacked, but as with the other flight, the report got stuck in a beurocratic loop, and the Flight 175 hit the South World Trade Center at 9:03 am. The second plane threw the nation into a panic, as it was now clear that the United States was under attack. New York Fire Department quickly arrived, sending fire fighters in to help evacuate the tower, unknowing of their fate. The third plane, a Boeing 757 followed the same trend as the others, and at 9:37, 51 minutes after the first plane had hit, United Airlines Flight 77 flew into the Pentagon, and the chaos only grew. Flights were later grounded, but it was far too late. The fourth and final hijacked plane, another Boeing 757, directed it’s course towards Washington DC, and was believed to be heading for the White House. The passengers aboard the United Airlines 93 were able to thwart the hijackers, but couldn’t regain control of the plane, crashing in Shankesville, Pennsylvania. In New York things were only beginning to get worse. 1,355 people were trapped in the North Tower, as Flight 11 had destroyed all three of the building’s stairwells. Every one of them were killed from smoke inhalation, jumping out of the window, or from the tower’s eventual collapse. 630 more people died in the South tower and 125 were killed at the Pentagon. 200 of those killed in the Twin Towers had jumped to their deaths in an attempt to escape the smoke and flames. 411 emergency workers were killed making the ultimate sacrifice. Approximately an hour after the initial impacts, both of the towers collapsed. The close proximity of the other World Trade Center buildings resulted in fire spreading, causing all of them to collapse later that night. Due to radio transmission issues, the NYFD commanders were unable to send an evacuation command to the firefighters inside the towers, and nearly all of them were killed. By the end of the day 2,996 people had been killed, devastating the nation and shocking the world.
  10. Your In-game: SM Ryan 1B27 Your SteamID: STEAM_0:1:177289514 The admin's name in-game: Numerous The admin's steam name (If you know it): Unavailable What warning did you receive: Multiple Evidence of the warn (REQUIRED): Why do you think this warn was false: I have not been warned since April of 2018, therefore all 44 warns are eligable to be removed Any extra information:- Friendly Steve told me to make this, so here it is.
  11. I remember you yo what's been going on 

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  12. Since I returned to Gaminglight, I've noticed there's been great change. It's quite strange to see some of the old memes have seemingly disappeared from the community having left in may of 2018, and it feels like a different community now. I have compiled a couple old glories I still have on my computer from my days of being in the community. If you have old GL memes that fell out of usage, put them here! GMOD_Badmin_Valkyi3.mp4 https://noot.space/
  13. I remember when you I got moderator and you were one of the first people I got to meet. You were only a rank higher than me and you taught me so much. I may have given into the hate and toxicity people have, you never gave in. That's something I will always respect you for. You pushed on and you worked nearly every day to be a better person. It's a shame I never got to see you reach SMT, I know deep down you truly deserved it.
  14. Never thought this post would take over a year and a half to become reality