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  1. sorry i didn't get you down < 3
  2. My time has come once again. Coming back to Gaminglight was one of the best decisions I have ever made. I met a lot of good friends in the few months i was around again, and I made a lot of good memories. It's hard to believe a Garry's Mod community can change your life, but it really can. Gaminglight has shaped who I am as a person and it will always hold a special place in my heart. I understand some will be upset with me leaving, and some will be happy. It's how it will be and i fully understand it. I will get on from time to time, whether to do something stupid or to actually rp, but I unfortunately can't continue on like I used to. In the past couple months I have come to find nothing but pain in being on the server. Many of you will dismiss this as me just being a wimp, but to some I hope this can serve as a lesson to think about what you say to people. You may not realize it but words really can be used as a weapon. Actions just as much. Below are a list of people who have greatly impacted me and my time with Gaminglight. @EternityAgarThank you for giving me the chance to be in ARU. You are one of the greatest people I have ever met on Gaminglight. You will get Super Admin soon. You really do deserve it. P.S. I do plan to finish that automatic roster one day. I'll send you it when I do @ReaperLiteDamn. You've been with me since ICE. I will never forget the times we had. Hopefully we can stay in contact. @UfoRia-v2The best leader ICE and ACE could have had. It's a shame it never did work out, but the times we had while they were still around were legendary. Hopefully we can stay in contact. P.S. try not to die of alcohol poisoning lmao @YoboWe had our rough moments, and had our feuds. I definitely made some pretty shitty accusations, but at the end of the day you were one of the people I looked up to the most. @CalamityI had some of the greatest laughs from you. SMT is coming one day. Don't loose hope! P.S. I will continue coming to you for bad advice lmao @[email protected] time in EMS was amazing. You two are amazing leaders and I hope you go back to EMS one day Ender. @Maverick2003Wow you finally got command? Jk you deserve it man. Next up, High command. @tough_gamesThe times we had in DDI were unforgettable. I know timezones really cause us issues, but I certainly will keep in contact with you. Oh, and also enjoy COO of DDI. There are many more. So many more. If i could list them off I would, but there's simply too many good people out there to list. I will officially transfer ownership of DDI to @ReaperLite and @tough_games. I know they can make it much more than I ever could. Goodbye Gaminglight, hopefully not for the last time. "This is TRJ 21/1B27 making another fucking cliche final 10-7"
  3. @Propanecan you translate this as well?
  4. i still just see random gibberish
  5. possibly code there? yellow spells TARTOERLO green spells errpee TARETOR5R0ERP0LO2E0Le maybe a store discount code?
  6. highlighted yellow is random caps, random bold is green i missed a yellow at the end whoops
  7. I can see your point, but you completely either ignore, or simply don't realize the fact that people change. Most of gaminglights members are middle and high school aged, and in several months someone like this can be a much better and more mature person. This is why in America, it is unconstitutional for a minor to receive capital punishment, as it is proven science that kids become mature as they get older. Another fact I'd like to bring up is the fact that while yes, nowadays it is not possible to appeal a blacklist, at the time of the blacklist it was still allowed. So we punish someone further for not appealing quickly? We should be promoting the idea of maturing before wanting to appeal a punishment, not rush them with the idea that it at any point may be made unappealable.
  8. agreed + support since the screenshot will provided seems to show that it isnt even a blacklist for the police rp ban
  9. i thought he was permabanned already. how is he back? edit: Just saw he got unbanned somehow. I + support this that was a bad decision. he needs to stay out
  10. Ryan The Epic Guy

    Ryan's LOA

    I really didn't want it to come to this, but my situation has worsened severely. I have a torn ACL and a bruised tibia, much worse than it was supposed to be. I will spend all of my time trying to recover in time to still be in for the track season. ill be Semi-active again when it is all over, and fully active when the track season ends
  11. theres literally a suggestion currently active that is the same thing. (the fixing christmas sledgehammer one)
  12. Its a swep like the attention swep that crosses your arms in front of you while you hold left click to assert your dominance
  13. as i stated before, the original map had it. They went out of their way to remove it