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  1. Thanks just what i wanted to see get rid of OP bases that just ruins RP
  2. I am leaving because i hardly get on and feel like im taking up roaster spots plus i want to focus on just normal State and dont need the cert meeting taking up my time so thanks for the chance to be in Cert it was Fun while it lasted CAMMY
  3. jack this is adding a rule to make it fairer not removing a Rule
  4. What you want to see? - Add back 2 people Width rule for bases Why should we add it? - it would stop minge bases and would improve rp when raiding for gov and crims cause the now we are getting like one small Prop to break and it is ruining RP What are the advantages of having this? - make less minge bases and improve RP Who is it mainly for? - People who raid i think this would make RP so much more fun for both sides and for gov we could be able to stack up and have realistic raiding Rp and also means if a ofc stops in middle of raiding a base you could go around Hope yous will think about it Thanks Cammy
  5. + support Active mature helpful good guy would be good staff Good luck Cammy
  6. HUGE + Support Active professional good Guy Would make a Great staff member good luck Cammy
  7. +Major Plus support SPMD where meant to be a motorcycle unit but got ruined cause no bike to rp on so i feel this would be a great addtion
  8. i would say max holland just a cool guy