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  1. Well get on watchtogether one day and I'll give ya the play by play commentary
  2. Andro, I killed 2 people. One was already dead, then in the video, you can see me kill fluff. Off to the right, you can see Spencer's muzzle flash, about 1 or 2 seconds later, you can see a black "pixel"/blob move to the left of my scope. I follow it and then I get shot by it.
  3. This is a sad time Head glitching is never usually this bad, and I can almost always see them, but this is pixel perfect and near impossible. I removed the audio because I was really close to my screen and in doing so, got really close to my mic and it was way too loud.
  4. Finally, peace COL-t45, See ya later Connor
  5. LeTroll (Cole)

    OMON Nerf

    The rules are broken by OMON/INSCOM because there is literally no information or any rules around them. Everything is hearsay and it makes no sense why they were implemented without proper instructions. If you're going to implement a game-changing branch into the game, you should probably give EVERY player information about that branch up front. It is no fun for people to just assume what these special forces can and can not do. Its been let's say 2 weeks with this side branch, and people are still confused. This has almost been implemented worse than when DI was implemented.
  6. That was also a time where someone with even one point in speed could out sprint an ATV and also knives were a one shit kill. Knives are now 4 hits to kill, and there is essentially no extra speed buff anymore. And this server is also not fully Serious. Just because its not "RP" doesn't mean it shouldn't be in a video game. Also, having someone buy a knife to use for rushing someone and killing people, then changing the rules so people couldn't do it, shouldn't they technically be given the option for a refund due to the product they bought being changed? Honestly, is not a hassle anymore and just gives some players something fun to do if they get bored. I personally see no problem with it. +Support
  7. +Support Reborn has been here a long time and has been very beneficial to the server. His helpfulness has helped new and old players enjoy military to its fullest extent. He goes out of his way to help people on both sides and never complains.
  8. The gas was BUSTED. Gas masks would also be hard to get a hold of, addon wise. They were more of a minge tool than an actual weapon. They were fun, but thank god they are removed. Spawn camping was a huge issue, and it would be hard to buy a mask if there is a gas grenade sitting on your spawn point.
  9. I can teach yall basic wire for servers like this.
  10. Now don't get me wrong This post looks clearly like a specific attack on Warwinner. People have a life outside video games, and sometimes, you have to focus on that and forget about the game. I do not know if thats the circumstance, but still, 6 minutes AFK is not that long. I've seen people AFK for 3 days straight, but it doesn't require a forum post. Something of this nature should just be brought up to higher ups IF you feel like him being AFK is ruining the server. -Support
  11. Honestly, either way, there will be afk people, but this would allow people to leave there base and not worry about going back every 2 minutes to get the money. It's purely just for ease of use. And yea, VIP+ could work.
  12. What do you want to see? - Whitelisting the User tool that is part of Wire Why should we add it? - It makes big printer setups viable and will allow players to be less AFK/Macroing in their base for money. What are the advantages of having this? - Allowing this tool will allow players to leave their base and go interact with players and raid. Currently, everyone logs on, setup 2-4 printers, then either +right or sets a macro to spam E. Players get bored of being forced to sit in their base relying on AFK Farming to get enough money to stand a chance against anyone. The user tool can be abused in ways like spamming doors and such, but with proper moderation and an incoming staff team, this is easily avoided. Who is it mainly for? - Players who have big printer areas, want to not sit AFK for HOURS.
  13. Wait, you still play the server?
  14. Instead of fighting about realism, how about we talk about the RP and how it fits in the game. Your argument is that players would be able to do it IF they had no ammo. How do we moderate whether a player is just spawning in helicopters, shooting 5 rockets, then flying into another aircraft? This doesn't fit in the server and to be honest, I don't personally see it being added. Sorry