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  1. Andrew oh dear hope i'l see you around on gaminglight cuz we had damn good times together not only as fbi :) hope to speak to ya .. btw u did make a big difference in fbi
  2. Name: Struftdot Rank: Captain Why do you think you deserve to stay in the Department?: i think i deserve to stay as i'm verry active i have fun rp with everybody and think i give a good name to ems Any changes you want in the EMS?: none at all atm
  3. noooh my child why do u leave me i hope u had the most fun cya on ems buddy ! was nice having u on the team and the times u where on it really helped :pp will be missed on ss ..
  4. Ingame Name: Struftdot SteamID: STEAM_0:0:85380774 Rank: Trooper Activity: (Active/Semi active/Inactive) active What do you want to see in state going forward? Why?: non mingery such as now Any Suggestions?: pray for a good DOC
  5. Name: Struftdot Rank: SAIC Why do you think you deserve to stay in the Department (50 word min): i am low command i like SS like hella lot i like reloplaying i'm a good driver i'm funny ?? i'm mature got good building skills convoy skills commanding skills and tbh i lik this departement by heart i love the high command since u guys listen to us and i want to be part of that atleast in low command Any changes you want in the Secret Service: AMU plox i miss that rp to much ! ahh and EU MEETING
  6. David My dude sad to see such a good agent go good to know ur skill doesn't go to waste hope state and pd will use it the way we did We had some really good times dude imma miss them .. SS DSAIC Struftdot
  7. Name : Struftdot Rank : DSAIC / CAT PVT Lengt of LOA : 1 week Reason of LOA : mom oofed me at 3 am BTW chance is high il be online EXDEE
  8. Tom it is extremely sad to see you go it is thanks to you that i had stayed with this community you brought me into the amazing SS and CAT wich tbh i still love so much i propabl never would have fun in Gl without you and i will miss ur gdam "ur mom" jokes SO BLOODY BAD hope to see ya around maybe play somethin together or go drive that limo into a 10-80 ahhgr good times gotta end it cuz imma cry .. you where my idol and tbh the one reason for me to stay you got me seeing the light again in gaminglight
  9. Good luck further on ! it was a pleasure being with you !