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  1. Name : Struftdot Rank : DSAIC / CAT PVT Lengt of LOA : 1 week Reason of LOA : mom oofed me at 3 am BTW chance is high il be online EXDEE
  2. Tom it is extremely sad to see you go it is thanks to you that i had stayed with this community you brought me into the amazing SS and CAT wich tbh i still love so much i propabl never would have fun in Gl without you and i will miss ur gdam "ur mom" jokes SO BLOODY BAD hope to see ya around maybe play somethin together or go drive that limo into a 10-80 ahhgr good times gotta end it cuz imma cry .. you where my idol and tbh the one reason for me to stay you got me seeing the light again in gaminglight
  3. Name: Struftdot Rank: ASAIC Date of Absence (the meeting date): 6/01/2019 Reason for not attending (If private then N/A): Time zone issues
  4. Good luck further on ! it was a pleasure being with you !
  5. Not you John we haden't had much time to play together but when we did it was awesome !
  6. Nick the reason why we use armored vehicles is o they don't break with 3 shots if we ask to make it more realistic and atleast handle a clip then why buff the crims to 1 shot us then ? ?????? only trying to have some realism otherwise use a bloody tricycle i guess ..
  7. LIKE THE IDEA wont be able to make it tho have way to much people at my place
  8. Name: Struftdot Rank: ASAIC / SFC Date of Absence (the meeting date): 30/12/2018 Reason for not attending (If private then N/A): TIMEZONE PROBLEMS
  9. +SUPPORT it should slurp bullets like nothing not choke in 1 .. SS ASAIC / CAT SFC Struftdot
  10. Name: Struftdot Rank: EMT How active can you be (Will be held to this): i could be online every single day atleast 1 hour or more What is your favorite part about being EMS?: being capable of saving lives and making people smile when you hal them without them knowing
  11. +Support + highly active +trustable member +good leader (can take command rly easely) +Mature +app is ok +is avaible allot of the time
  12. LOOKS HEEEELLLAAAA SEXY sad i can't spawn em ... Feelsbadman
  13. struftdot


    NAAH its my game just having a seizure of the awesome map XDDDD and maybe use obs and not that sketch ? u need to download the actual recording softwarre before u can even watch the vid XDDD