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  1. This is a client side issue, you need to enable downloads in your Gmod. If you need further assistance just ask a staff member.
  2. Alright well since he has been giving an administrative punishment already there was really no need for a player report. If you want him demoted from a certain RP rank then you should talk to security command or maybe post this in their form section. DENIED
  3. [ADDED]: - New update for 106 - New Chaos Insurgency jobs - Even more Chaos Insurgency jobs - SCP-076-02 - SCP-1048 - New custom job (thanks ToPlayz!) - New medical supplies to shipments menu] - SCP-912 - Bwhitelist system. -Adminsuite - Chef job. [CHANGED]: - Certain keypads to have timers on them. - Time required to break out of restraints (lowered it). - Updated a few playermodels. - Increased slot for CI Commander - A few MOTD rules (be sure to check them out!) Most likely there were some things that I missed, but have in fact been added to the server. Thank you to the dedicated players who make suggestions, continue to do so!
  4. ACCEPTED Some of the requested addons were not added for various reasons. The ingame things will be in tomorrow!
  5. Could you please link some models that could maybe be used?
  6. DENIED Thank you for the suggestion, however someone has recently made this into a custom class, and I would not feel right creating a class when someone already paid for it. If you really wish to play as Class C you could talk to the custom class creator and pay for a spot.
  7. DENIED This comes down to staff being unable to track if the sniper was used in close quarters or not.
  8. DENIED The reason they break is because players stand inside of the. They close in about seven seconds so players have plenty of time to go through. However, if a door does break just contact staff using @ ingame.
  9. DENIED Adverting/RPing a breakout (ex. shattering a window) is against the MOTD rules and has been for a while now This is considered power gaming. If you see staff opening doors for players who do this please report them. Having a system of times would simply not work because it would be too hard for the staff to keep track.
  10. ACCEPTED This was already done and was going to be out this weekend in the weekly update.
  11. DENIED As Kade said medical jobs can go into the f4 menu and buy the medical supplies there.
  12. DENIED This was already accepted in another post. Please only post one suggestion if its the same thing.
  13. PENDING We are going to see if we can custom code this in the future. For now I am going to leave it on pending.