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  1. + Support When I was active in the 501st, he was a great leader ever since he reached 2LT. He's very active and seems to care a lot about the battalion while still finding time to keep all of the 501st entertained.
  2. Beve Suscemi was born in a city located in the inclement far north of planet CDS-2 known as Winterhelm. His mother, a woman named Herleva Suscemi worked as a Singer and Entertainer in the nearby bars while his father, a human named Bertram Suscemi was a holy man and an entrepreneur. Together for the first few years of his life, they raised Beve and his four siblings to the best of their ability, however they were unable to avoid poverty. Early in his life, Beve’s father would set off a business venture for clients in the capital of the country in an attempt to dig the family out of debt. Unfortunately, he would go missing and never return. Beve spent his remaining childhood in the care of his mother, not knowing the fate of his father. While Beve attended schooling, his brother of the same age, dropped out of school to pursue a career as a weaponsmith to aid the countries military. His older sister, Millicent Suscemi; worked with his mother to gather funds to allow Beve to attend a college when he finished schooling. After graduating from school, Beve traveled to a nearby town named “Aria” to stay with his younger brother and sister under his Step-father’s roof while his mother pursued long hours at the local bars to earn a record deal. During Beve’s stay, he would learn the art of acting from his younger brother Geoffrey and sister Griselda who frequented the local acting clubs. This experience would push him to attend a college of acting when he would return to his home town. Thanks to efforts from his mother and older sister, Beve was accepted and able to pay for a spot in the cities top acting college after his stay in Aria. Beve did well in his classes, but typically failed to excel due to his habit of “improvising” solutions to problems he was presented with without following the taught material too closely. Before he would finish his schooling, his unique acting techniques gained him the attention of the High North Acting Guild, a guild known throughout the country for their very successful and very talented actors. Beve would receive a letter that would grant him acceptance into the guild where he would perfect his craft and eventually be granted the guild’s highest rank of Performance Artisan and a position at the cities most prestigious movie studio. Thanks to his recent success as an actor and stuntman, Beve collected enough money to both travel and pay for better housing arrangements for his Mother and sister Millicent. After saying his goodbyes for now, Beve would travel south and out of the high north. After days of travel, he would run into a group of travelers dragging a large assortment of statues, books, and other trinkets. These people would introduce themselves as followers of the Dreay, Faeren who is a local Goddess. During the next few days of traveling with these people, Beve would familiarize himself with the Dreay and become a devout follower of Faeren. The travelers would soon part ways and Beve would travel alone for another two weeks before reaching a very small town called Wyvern’s Bridge. He was initially stopped from entering the town due to his affiliation with the Nigh North Acting Guild. The local police would explain that multiple individuals from the guild routinely destroy the town with their parties. With a promise that he would not hold any such party, eventually the police would allow Beve into the town where he would proceed to stay at a local hotel. That night, he would wake early to the sounds of commotion from outside. Peering through the window of his room, he would spot groups of people being harassed by party goers. Beve moved to the door of the hotel and proceeded outside only to be greeted by a party goer who shoved him aside and barged into the hotel. With the police overrun and people injured, Beve moved to assist the injured rather than attempt to quell the crazy party people. Everyone that he tried to help would either run or resist, believing him to be part of the party. Disgusted by the actions of the party goers and emotionally wounded from not being able to help others because of his relationship with the High North Acting Guild, Beve would seek out a local Empire recruiting office and take their placement tests. Since he was really only experienced in acting and performing stunts, he did not do very well in any of the combat categories placing solidly within’ the “Staff” category which contained jobs like Imperial Plumber, Imperial Janitor, and Imperial Chef. Since Beve was not very good with food and has never needed to “plumb” anything in his life, he accepted the position of Imperial Janitor and was deployed the next day. This is where fate continues to etch his story.
  3. In-game name: Scheta Rank: SGT (Awaiting honorable demotion from MAJ) Last promo: 1/31/20 Reason to stay in 501st: The 501st is like family to me. I am totally devoted to its success.
  4. You totally missed my point. When I said "normal players" I didn't mean how they play or how the class operates. I meant how they are to be dealt with. For example, since Janitor is an Ex-SMT class, think of SMT as the manager of a grocery store. If that manager leaves that position and becomes an Ex-manager or Ex-SMT, they can't just walk into the grocery store and take whatever food they want. If they did that, they'd get stopped or arrested for stealing. What I'm saying is that IF a person playing on Janitor does something that is against the rules or harasses other players that are trying to RP in a way that it ruins their RP, that person should be dealt with just like any other normal player. Hopefully that clears my point up a bit. - To your points, you are correct to say that Janitor has access to things no other single class has, but there are at least two big distinctions that you missed. Janitor has easily the weakest RP potential of all classes (aside from droids maybe imo) and they are for people that "earned" them. Janitor is not an easy class to get access to due to the pre-requisites, so if you do get the class; it should feel special. In addition, having the grapple hook and jetpack makes RP bearable with the class at the least. Since those two arguments are so weak, that's why I stand by my decision that the problem is with the policies and "walking on eggshells" approach staff has with them and not the class itself.
  5. So it sounds like your problem has a lot to do with the blaster and not really the equipment? To your second point, you just illustrated exactly what I was getting at. An Ex-SMT is exactly the same as another normal player. What needs to happen is that a respected member of the current SMT needs to hold a meeting with staff and inform them to stop being afraid to deal with Ex-SMT like they would any other player. I still stand behind the belief that the problem isn't with the class, it's with the current policies.
  6. I voted 'No' and wanted to explain my reasoning. There are a couple of things that influenced my decision. 1. It's an Ex-SMT class. 2. The issues you have with the class seem almost totally unrelated to what the class has. To elaborate on point 2, you mentioned "Make janitor job WAY less mingy and make it more difficult for them to screw up the RP of everyone else on the server. Just TWO of them even killed an actor I had in reserve as a final push for an off ship event who was heavily armed". This is something that should have been and needs to be dealt with just like any other case of RDM or what have you. Would it have been harder to do what they did without the things you want removed? Sure. However, RDM is RDM and FailRP by ruining an event is FailRP by ruining an event. Point being, the class doesn't need to be fixed. The standards on how to deal with those that abuse it need to be fixed.
  7. +Support In my time in the 501st fighting with him, he's proved multiple times that he's a capable and good leader. He's able to be serious when need be and also able to both take a joke and joke around. Great person, great leader.
  8. General Full Name: Scheta (Pronounced Shey-ta), Sheyta Nickname: The Silent Reason for nickname: Has not spoken for many years. Age: 22. Gender: Female. Place of Birth: Planet Andā. Species/Race: Human. Ethnicity: Asian. Social Status: Previously a noble. Appearance Body Build: Thin with lightly toned muscles. Height: 5’7” Weight: 120 lbs. Skin colour: Caucasian. Hair colour: Dark grey. Eye colour: Grey. Health General health: Good. Posture: Refined. Any physical illnesses?: No. Any mental illnesses?: Yes. Slight psychopathy caused by an unknown mental condition. Conversation Way of speaking: Unknown. Assumed refined. Language: Unknown. Assumed Common. Likes/Dislikes Likes: Reading, downtime, and research. Dislikes: Sparring, speaking(?). Habits Habitually seeks privacy after stressful events. Strengths/Weaknesses Strengths: Tactically proficient, has shown exceptional ability to predict the actions of others, extremely proficient with light single bladed weapons. Weakness: Easily stressed, easily pushed to hold grudges. Skills/Abilities Proficient with rapier-type blades. Exhibits a faster than average reaction time. Has a proven ability to spot weaknesses in enemies. Education/Intelligence Education: Seems tactically trained. No records of an official education. IQ: Assumed between 140 and 150. Fears Sparring. Refer to ‘History’ for the root cause. Dreams/Goals Unknown. Views/Opinions on... Government: Unknown. Assumed to be an Objectivist. Religion: Religious. Religion gathered from notes and other written documentation has been determined to be ‘Axiomatic’. The Axiomatic religion seems to be native to planet Andā and describes five gods/goddesses. The goddess of creation, the goddess of the stars, the goddess of the moons, the god of darkness, and the goddess of land. Favourites Food: Red wine and ‘Andā-bread Stew’. A dish consisting of a unique bread recipe described in a meal request letter. Colour: Purple. Number: 12. Time of day: Night. Type of art: Unknown. Genre of music: Unknown. Assumed classical. Genre of literature: Strategic manuals. History Written by Imperial Scribe Gensym using data gathered from family files, written interview, and Imperial research documentation. - Scheta was born on an unknown date on planet Andā as the only child of an unknown Mother and Father. Due to documents recovered from Andā, she is known to have been part of the planet’s nobility. Her childhood was fairly unremarkable as very little information can be found regarding her actions until the age of 14. At the age of 14, she enrolled at the Swordcraft Academy originally located in Andā’s capitol city, Centoria. She attended this academy for the required seven years before graduating as a Swordswoman. Soon after graduation, she entered a swordcraft tournament called ‘The Four Empire’s Unity Tournament’. During this tournament is when her psychopathic tendencies arose. Despite using real blades in the tournaments many matches, every fight was to be treated as a sparring match. This would eliminate casualties and reduce liability for both the contestants and the hosting organization. Scheta participated in twelve matches before claiming victory over the final contestant and being crowned champion and being given the title of Knight. However, during her time in the tournament, she would find herself unable to hold back on her opponents and would kill five of the twelve that she faced in a single strike. There is little to no documentation of what she did following the tournament for two years aside from multiple missing person’s reports filled by her parents. Scheta would eventually be found walking into an Imperial recruitment office located in Imperial space. On her recruitment application, she listed her ‘Reason for Joining’ as ‘To atone.’ Personality Introvert, tactical, quiet. Relationships Family: Two parents assumed alive. Friends/Allies: A man listed in personal documents penned by Scheta known as ‘Berc’, a woman listed in the same documents known as ‘Alice’, and trooper from her Imperial training named ‘Poggers’. Trivia Although she is adept at handling bladed weaponry, she has never shown any aptitude to wield a lightsaber. Although she maintains extensive tactical knowledge, she refuses to be promoted to command positions preferring to work under someone.