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  1. Ask to be authorized in.....
  2. +Support All income should be equal
  3. SCP teaming is not allowed and called PowerGaming, as of now 035 and 049 are the only scps who can be near each other at the same time, I would add 966 into the mix
  4. + Support There are a few addons I have seen
  5. -Support We still have empty cells so we don't need to rotate, we need suggestions on new SCPs to fill the empty cells.
  6. -Support This would be too hard for staff to manage and they would be bored and the the amount of sits would sky rocket
  7. Kade

    Suggestion - Accepted

    +/- Support You guys need to realize it is a big heavy sledgehammer, and if they bash your face with it your are probably dead. You guys have to learn how to dodge them.
  8. +/- Support This should already be done
  9. -Support Most SCPS are re contained by the time E11 gets in the site.
  10. Kade

    LCZ Armory - Accepted

    +/-Support +I could change the rooms in about 5 minutes -Currently getting into this armory location is pretty hard because it is in the middle of everything.