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    + Support Yeff Yunior is a gret Police Captain Yeff Yunior is active Yeff Yunior is mature Yeff Yunior deserves a promotion Yeff Yunior is swedish
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    Closed Negative Opinions (Disrespect) should be kept to yourself. If someone came onto PoliceRP and said “This server sucks” I’m sure staff would be quick to warn them. So what’s the difference? If you feel poorly towards another server, let’s not try to bring its players down by disrespecting it. I don’t like to join other Gaminglight servers and hear players say “Police-RP sucks”, and I’m sure you don’t either. In this case, the staff member will not receive any punishment.
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    I bet nobody is even going to bother reading this but I believe it is time we jump start military rp In the past from what I've seen summer time is the perfect time to jump start military rp because so many people are home during summer break In the past we've had summer nights where we keep around 45 - 50 players and frankly I'd like to see those nights return On Thursday at around 6:00 EST If you are not busy make an attempt to get on so we can bring some attention to our server. We will be in need of staff on to manage and make sure nobody is minging or disobey the rules so if you still have a military rp staff please get on if you have the time And if you had an officer rank or still do if you did not submit a resignation try to get on so we can manage new recruits This is not a Official thing created by staff but a personal request from someone who hopes to revive military rp again
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    +Support -Very active -Good app -Good amount of warns Good luck Charlie! -Seb
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    +Support -Active -Long time SM -Knows what he is doing -Is ready for Lt (Trained me) ~SM Dredgen 1B25
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    Accepted After careful examination, it is determined that the player you are reporting will receive an undisclosed punishment deemed necessary by a SMT member of SCPRP for the rules broken in the report.
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    +Support Active Mature Great friend Been CPT for too long Swedish
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    -SUPPORT Waste of a staff report. This should have been a player report instead and to top it all off, he is entitled to his own opinion. He didn't say the SCP server was trash, he just said SCP is trash. Still a waste of a staff report in my opinion.
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    +/- Support +It can be seen as disrespecting GL SCP-RP because of them talking about it. +he could have used the words not fun or boring. -He is indeed entitled to his own opinion I think it should just be a verbal warning on his record. Not a strike but just a verbal so he remembers to watch his wording.
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    - Minus support. I'm sure you yourself have said on scprp o someone else that another sever of Gaminglight sucks. And that's your opinion and we can have opinions. But since you most likely have said something like that or even better someone else has. We dont just warn them for that its basically the same thing. You hear it in ts by higherups all the time saying another server sucks. Ever heard of banta?
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    I mean my internet is trash. Do I warn myself
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    Goodluck my man!! You finally listened to me xD
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    -support I mean, I’ve said the same thing. I went on SCP and was RDMed countless times, nobody played it and I simply had an awful time on it and I should be allowed to say that.
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    Major +Support -Active -Knows the rules -Great app -Would make a great Gm -you have what it takes best regards -Pasta
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    SMT and JMT doesn't get the respect that they truly do deserve a lot of the time, and lately just shows that. You guys really do a good job. Without you all, the server wouldn't be here. So, thank you. Very much.
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    +Support Good man Follows orders Chill and easy to talk too Shows Potential
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