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Scoot's 2lt App

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1. What Is Your In-game Name: 327th AA  SFC Scoot 5824

2. What Rank Are You Applying For: 2LT

3. Why Do You Want To Be Officer (70 Words Min):  I want to be an officer because I will be able to help the 327th more that I can now. To be an officer gives me the ability to hold tryouts and increase the population, promote people I think deserve it and do a good job,. It is also the next step up in the progression of ranks. While I know I still have several ranks to go before I reach the rank prior to 2lt, getting it now would allow me to have an early start on doing my best to improve the branch even more. I know that 327th has become very active as of recently, and I think I will be able to keep that going, and keep the troops excited about being a 327th and make them want to stay.

4. Why Should We Trust You With Officer?(100 Words Min): I can be trusted because I know when to be serious and when to be strict. When it comes to events, unless they are really boring, I follow all the rules and try to act  serious. Of course when the game master says "A CIS ship has spawned outside" I'll start laughing because of the slip-up, but I  try my best to remain serious while also cracking jokes when appropriate and having fun. While I am fairly new to star wars rp, I am trusted with many higher ranks on milrp, as well as the senior moderator position. I also have no problem giving orders when needed, and talking to someone in private about their actions and improvements that need to be made.

5. Have You Donated To The Server?:  No

6. What Is Your Rank On The Server?(ULX rank only): User

7. What Is Your Timezone?: EST

8. How Often Can You Be On?:  Everyday, but I also have responsibilities on MilRP so I have to keep a balance, and there will be acceptions every now and then.

9. Have you ever been an officer before?: Old servers yes, not on this one

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Just now, Rëbørñ_SNIP3R said:



Knows Rules

Improving Daily

Looks Good

Good Luck!

quote Dat

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1 hour ago, Spencer said:

+ Support

+ Great Leader

+ Good Friend

+ Hardworking


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Hard work and dedication to the 327th Star Corps have not gone unnoticed. Stay motivated and strong spirited. Congratulations.

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