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You Want me In GRU  

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What is your in-game name? RU 1SG Death

What is your steam name? DeathBringer402


What is your SteamID? STEAM_0:1:33873913


How much time do you have in-game? 20hr


What is your rank? 1SG (First Sergeant)


Why do you want to join GRU?I always strive for perfection. And I believe trying out and joining GRU will make me a better player and a better teammate. GRU will provide high-class training so I can perform better than ever in wars and I will learn tactics and techniques that have never been shown to me before.

Why should we pick you over other players?What are your strengths and weaknesses? You should pick me over other applicants because I strive for greatness. I am ambitious and want to become better than ever in this evergrowing difficulty RU is facing with lack of players and equipment against the US in every war. I will not only, become better but will rack up, even more, kills than I am getting now (30-50 on TDM, 25-40 on CAP) and this will help us win wars. Also, becoming GRU shows that I am in the elite and hopefully other NCO's would want to become GRU. I am not saying I am the star man of RU, because quite frankly I'm not even close, but kills win TDM's and kills help CAP wars. I would say my strengths would be: Good Pusher and Killer, Good Communicator, Respectful, Willing to Work Hard, Friendly, Cool-Headed, Serious, Willing to Learn and I am very good at CQB and medium combat. My weaknesses would be: Bad Sniper, Sort of bad at driving when I get lag and almost never play medic. 

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I want to speak with you on ts at 4:00pm Central tomorrow. If you're unavailable to be there then tell me, so I can rearrange the meeting. 

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3 hours ago, A Friendly Russian said:



Can be a bit rude at times

Good soldier

I think he should be given a chance to be GRU


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