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Air support guide

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This guide is meant for all branches, not just for air force.

Upon these ranks NCOs will be granted the ability to request aircraft assistance out on the battlefield directly:

USMC: Master Sergeant [E-7]

US Core: MSG [E-7]

USAF: Technical Sergeant [E-5]

How will this system work?

The AFSOC ATCT (Air Traffic Control Team) will be required to designate a channel for air chatter (Callouts, Commands, Landing and Take off requests, ETC.) While out on the battlefield MSGT or TSGT+ Will be allowed in the channel to request back up or air support to their location


Requests are to be directed towards Air Traffic Control which will direct aircraft to your location. If a ATC is not online then you may request assistance directly. Under no circumstances you are allowed to command air traffic while not in the AFSOC program or BG+ (please see ATC guide for more information on how to perform ATC)


Drop Off: ATC this is <Rank> <Name> requesting pickup at <Codename/Metro> to move to <Codename/Metro>

Bombing Run(E-8+): ATC this is <Rank><Name> requesting attack run on <Codename> from <180° direction meaning either East to West or North to South>

Strafing Run: (for when we get a map with a air strip): ATC this is <Rank><Name> requesting strafing run on <Codename/Area> from <180° direction meaning either East to West or North to South>

Recon (events and special ops only): ATC this is <Rank> <Name> requesting a scouting run to the <Compass direction> of <Codename> please move scout to <Radio Channel name>

Escort (events and VIPs only): ATC this is <Rank> <Name> a HVT in the area needs and escort. Requesting a heli at <codename>.


Custom Class won't be ordered as much but are expected to obey the rules of the helipad and some ATC rules

Out of branch assistance

other branches are allowed to use vip air force jobs such as the T3 transport pilot but are expected to follow ATC if not this may result in KOS/AOS.

They will be required to ask for PTL in radio but do not require a callsign EX:

This is SGM Dale flying <Aircraft Name> requesting PTL.


This was created to increase RP within afsoc and will be experimented on for a while. If this does not work than it will simply be removed.


If you have any questions please read the ATC guide before speaking to me, north, or ace

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