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RP Name: Michael Scott

Hex ID (Vacbanned.com): 110000114759d33

Tell us about yourself (The lengthier the better): My name is Mikedagamer, I have been a part of this community since April of 2017 and it has been amazing. For the majority of that time, I have been staffing, eager to help this community prosper!  I started by playing PoliceRP to satisfy my interest in police procedures. I played that for about a year and a half, but always felt it lacked realism and actual roleplay. Then the FiveM server came out! I am always up for a roleplay scenario, regardless of my position within it. I am trustworthy, energetic, and very mature. I have a relaxed composure but know when to take things seriously. Also, because of my interest in police procedures, I have an extensive amount of knowledge and most police codes, and how one should respond to certain scenarios. I am actually new to FiveM, but embrace the new challenge as a way to learn and expand my knowledge in police work and sharpen my RP skills. Outside the server, I am a Florida native who enjoys gaming (Obviously), biking, volleyball, cooking (On a commercial level), and my cat! On the subject of my cats, I have a whopping 12 of them! (Just kidding, I only have one named Penelope). 

On the server, my name is Michael Scott, a middle-income man working for an insurance firm born and raised in Sandy Shores. I always found my job very dull and idolized our local police, thinking how thrilling it would be to be a part of such a great force! This sparked my goal to leave my boring insurance job and enter a life of serving and protecting my fellow peers. 

How will you maintain professionalism (30 words minimum): I will maintain professionalism by using my years of staffing to help me ignore minges and other antagonizers. In fact, I will never raise my voice or do anything to ruin roleplay. I will also regularly report to my higher-ups, use my communication skills, RP skills, and teamwork skills to better our branch and our community as a whole. 

Do you know the police codes: Yes I know most all of them. I have a printed list of them that I keep next to my computer whenever I RP in case I really cannot remember one. I am always willing to learn new codes and procedures. I am actually dispatch until this gets accepted (If it does).

Do you understand that you must be serious and maintain character at all times (including in the TS in the LEO patrol rooms): Of course.

Have you read the SOP: Yes, very thoroughly.

Do you promise to follow the Community and Server rules: Of course.

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Fun to RP with



Serious RPER

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Speak with me in ts for training.

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