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Zamasu (Caboose)

Gamemaster Almanac

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Gamemaster Almanac


Created by: Caboose

Chapter 1 - Purpose and expectations

Chapter 2 - Event Classification

Chapter 3 - General Rules

Chapter 4 - NPC Platform Rules/Regulations

Chapter 5 - Actor Rules/Regulations


Chapter 1 - Purpose and expectations:

As a Gamemaster, it is essential that you act mature, professional, and have top-notch RP-skills to complete your job and satisfy the players. Your only goal as a Gamemaster, generally put is to enhance RP within the server, by creating events, scenarios, and other such things while ensuring that these events meet the following criteria:

  1. The event/RP is fair to ALL players.

  2. The event/RP involves other players and not just staff/Gamemasters.

  3. The event/RP is elaborate and follows lore to a certain extent.

  4. The event/RP is entertaining for ALL players.

If the event/RP does not meet one or more of these criteria it is not considered a good event and we ask that you not do it. Not only do you have expectations for your events, but you also have expectations for yourself. As stated above all Gamemasters must act as if they are in a workplace environment towards other players. Gamemasters should also follow all rules posted in this document and listen to what players and staff have to say.

*Remember that your goal as a Gamemaster is not to staff, therefore you cannot take any administrative action on a player, leave that to staff* 


Chapter 2 - Event Classifications: 

SIMS- Simulations usually occur to keep the player base busy when the server is at its dead hour or used during Battalion tryouts/training. SIMS consists of a small objective as well as NPC Training Droids. 

Mini-Event- These require no story arc behind them and usually fall into the category of survival/defensive missions, small ship invasions, Passive RP situations, etc. 

Basic Event- The Basic Event is pretty much what you signed up for once you became a GM. It consists of an Off/On Ship mission where there is somewhat of a story behind it as well as multiple objectives to make it flow accordingly.  

Mega Event- This is where the Serious RP is absolutely needed. A Mega Event is a two to three part event that consists of a legitimate story behind it as well as a set of unique characters or objectives. Mega Events can start off with either and On-Ship leading to an Off-Ship, an Off-Ship to another Off-Ship, etc. Mega Events are held every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday @ 3:00 PM PST. 

Storyline Event (Only Senior GM+ can hold these)- A Storyline Event is a five episodic saga of mega-events that flow in a unique pattern. Each episode can either consist of a mega or basic event and must be planned out in a script or google doc before orchestration is commenced.


Chapter 3 - General Rules:

All these rules should be followed at all times, to ensure that players get the most enjoyable experience.

  • Do not spawn entities, weapons, props, ships, etc. during non-event time (Unless helping Pilots/91st ARF for training purposes).

  • Do not use powers off duty (Unless of course, someone is stuck, or you are using it to orchestrate an event)

  • Once a GM completes an event, there will be a 30 minute to an hour minimum layover time before the next one starts.

  • Gamemasters must be active in Teamspeak at all times.

  • During an event, if you are asked for assistance by a GM who is currently hosting an event, you must be in the GM planning room AT ALL TIMES.

  • Communication is critical: GM’s need to be communicating 24/7 during events for one to be planned out well, therefore, you must communicate.

  • If you have a mic use it. GM’s sometimes don’t have the time to open up chat to find out what they need do during events.

  • Don’t use your powers to minge around the ship. This includes random modeling, FailRP, claiming jobs that are meant to be used during events only.

  • After each event is completed, you must put a feedback vote up to get feedback from users on how the event was. Feedback results must be recorded in the Event Evaluation Form (EEF). Mini-Events/SIMS Do not apply

  • Do not disrespect any players, staff members, etc.

  • Follow all MOTD rules.

*Keep in mind that all of the rules are subject to change at any time*



Chapter 4 - NPC Platform Rules/Regulations:

We recommend that all Gamemasters follow these to ensure they produce quality events.

  1. You can only have six spawn platforms activated a time (Recommended 4-5).

  2. Spawn time must be no more than five seconds and no less than three seconds.

  3. Decrease delay is to remain at 0 at all times.

  4. Maximum NPCs kept in each platform is to be five or six NPCs.

  5. You must check that the clean on removal option is enabled.

  6. Make sure that the key toggle option is enabled while the start action is disabled.

  7. Be sure that the NPC disable collisions option is enabled.

  8. Spawn height must be kept at 26 while radius set to 128 (lower radius if using platforms in enclosed areas to avoid NPCs spawning inside walls).

  9. Use Global Squads should be disabled at all times to avoid server lag.

You are not prohibited to use the NPC Spawn Platforms. If you have other methods you feel more comfortable using, you may do so.

*Keep in mind that all of the rules are subject to change at any time*



Chapter 5 - Actor Rules/Regulations:

As it pertains to this situation, an actor is anyone a GM chooses to have a role within an event/scenario.

  1. Must consider other players before considering yourself to assume the role. They do not have to be donators!

  2. No mingey/FailRP rolls may not be used for events or on ship (janitor, burnt man, sweep, desk, etc.).

  3. For universal models, please refer to

  4. Non-saber actor’s HP should be no more than 2000.

  5. Saber actor’s HP should be no more than 6000.

  6. LORE actor's HP (Grievous, Dooku, Maul, etc) no more than 150K HP.

  7. Must equip actor with a tool gun to no-target. Walk them through the process of no-targeting if asked.

  8. If planning on having a high ranking role in an event, (General, Admiral, Commander, etc.) you must check to see if there is anyone on who already obtains the role before making one for an event.

  9. If you die as an actor and you have not been given permission to carry on as that role by the GM orchestrating the event, please switch back to your usual job.


Chapter 6 - Closing Statement

If you are new to the GM team we welcome you! Thank you for taking the time to read this almanac. Please reply that you have fully ready and understood its contents.



Edited by Zamasu (Caboose)

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only question I have is with Lore Characters, bc Gaur told me to HP them to 100-200k so they don't die

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