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Eman's Dispatch Application

Should I be a Dispatcher?  

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Tell me about your self: Lets start  with the basics, I am Eman, 212th Major General on Star Wars RP, Retired SWAT TL from Police RP, I am a Super Admin on Star Wars RP as well, I have played Dispatcher on Police RP before, although that is Semi-Serious RP, I am an avid video gamer and I will have school starting up on August 17th, I am a mature and active person

Do you have a working Mic( MUST HAVE ONE): Yes

Do you agree to uphold all server rules: Yes

Are you capable of learning: Very much so

Will you agree to stay mature over the radio: Yes

Do you have any past experience on Dispatch on other FiveM server: No, this is my first

Why do you want to join Dispatch: (200 words):  I want to be dispatcher to get involved in the FiveM Server because I have heard so many good things about FiveM over the past months and can not play it myself as I do not have FiveM. I would like to be dispatch to have more opportunities to be known more around the community and get more involved with the community as well. Being a dispatcher would also help me in real life if I wanted to become a Dispatcher or not, and if I do it would help to have the experience even if it is from a video game. I also have a good knowledge of the codes because I have played Police RP and have studied the codes and memorized them from there, I would also learn the one that I do not know as of right now and use them often while on the radio. I would love to join dispatcher to be more involved in the community, FiveM, and the people who would be attracted by FiveM and not the other servers so I would never meet them unless I took this opportunity of Dispatcher. Please take me into consideration for this new FiveM server, thank you for reading my application and considering it.

Who invited you to Dispatch(leave blank if  no one did): Fame

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Big Cwoft

Has experience leading

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Speak with me in ts for training.

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