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  1. @deathstriker124 @Rhenic @Seb @Speedy Valvano Lets go!
  2. Also wrong server your suggesting this to... (Hint this is PoliceRP)
  3. What is your Hex ID( 110000107ccf87d What is your RP Name: Sam Joy How old are you: 13 Do you have a Legal Copy Of Grand Theft Auto V: Yes Do you have Five M: Yes Do you have the LAMBDA Menu: Yes Tell me about your self ( can be any length): I'm a 13 year old who lives in Canada. Why do you wish to be apart of the Civilian Department( minimum of 50 words:): I want to join the Civilian Department because I want to play with friends and not have to worry about Police roles as I've had enough of that from PoliceRP. Also I just want to play FiveM without having too many worries above my head. I want to try something new too different from the GTA Online lobbies and have another platform to RP on when I get bored of Gmod. Also as a longtime player on Gaminglight I know how RP works and just want to help out Gaminglight servers. Im just a person looking a chance to RP in another game that isnt gmod since Ive already got enough hours on Gmod and well I want to play GTA as well. Also I'm just never doing anything so another RP server wouldn't hurt. What qualities can you bring to the civilian department (minimum of 50 words): The qualities I can bring to the Civilian Department. I can bring my great driving skills to the civilian department. Also my RP knowledge from multiple games. I'm a really good roleplayer and have experience with FiveM and how it works. I also just want to be a bringer of fun to people. As a longtime player on Gaminglight I know the rules of the Servers and how common sense can help you avoid trouble and the like. Also RP is all the ever do now so I know how to RP. I'm just a RP Junkie. Do you promise to remain serious in the department and never break character: Yes Do you promise to abide by what each Civ Rank can do: Yes Do you promise to uphold all server rules: Yes Have you read our sop: Yes Do you have a working mic (MUST HAVE ONE): Yes Thanks for reading My Application