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    PD report

    My question is was the master sergeant online and what was his name also not all newly trained officers know how to respond some of them do need a higher up to tell them what to do others will just go in guns blazing I would they rather not respond to respond running in guns blazing
  2. LT Velvet

    Staying in FBI

    Can't wait to work with you -SAIC Velvet
  3. +support Being a computer programmer I believe this is a great idea and it would bring a lot more roleplay I myself have built a Bitcoin miner doesn't work as well as the ones on server but I believe it's a good idea
  4. Can form diplomats please close this discussion the person has already apologized
  5. Mega +support This is actually a good idea and the only ones with control would be low command and high command they would be the only ones who are able to change the password
  6. He didn't give me a awp I asked permission to use it during the raid they were overpowered and had 3 money silos The awp was in my inventory SM Velvet 1C36 AWP user/deadshot