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  1. If you want to contact me add me on discord Bravo#1815 or steam Also I am not joining any other Gmod communities
  2. In-Game Name: Grand General Bravo/Head Game Master Bravo SteamID: Rank: Head Game Master, Grand General Reason for leaving: I've had a blast on clone wars for the time I have been around, I started off as a Corporal in the CT core and stuck with it until I became the BXO for cts. I later applied for Brigadier General and to my surprise I got it, I cannot express how much i'll miss this community and all of the friends I have made but Clone wars simply won't be the same without the guys I started here with. I don't want to do mentions because most of the people I care alot about are already gone and the rest know who you are. I trust LTG invaliff will do well leading you troopers. The reason I am leaving is I just don't feel right being here anymore, I don't have the drive to get on and want to play clone wars, I guess I got burnt out. For my gamemaster team, I am sorry to leave you without a proper leader, I trust that Eman will find the right guy for the job, Remember guys the server cannot exist without you! Signing off one final time, Grand General/Head Game Master Bravo Do you agree to stay active for 48 hours after this post? Yes Do you agree to contact your manager once your 48 hour notice is up? Yes Good Luck boys
  3. -Accepted- Speak with SMT for GM powers and speak with me for training -Head Game Master Bravo-
  4. Commander Meetings Will be Hosted on the 1st Friday of each month and on the final Friday of each month, With that stated emergency meeting can be called by Admiral+ and LTG+
  5. -=Pending=- Awaiting More Community Feedback -Head Game Master Bravo-
  6. Hey guys I am going on LOA, I got strep or something so I won't be on and talkin, I am going to be AFKing on JVS because I am bad like that also if you need me feel free to contact me on discord. Staff Rank: Head Game Master IGR: Grand General and General of RM (JvS) Nov. 6 - Nov. 9/10/11 (Ill get back on one of these days, I seem to be getting better)
  7. For BCO you must get permission from your current Brigadier/Major General to apply. You must be the rank of Lieutenant Colonel+ To Apply for BCO. For BXO you must get permission from your current BCO+ to apply. You must be the rank of Captain+ to apply for BXO. -Grand General Bravo-
  8. Denied The 2LT App is no longer a thing, Speak with your commander about becoming a 2nd LT -Grand General Bravo-
  10. Private- Wears White Standard Uniform Around Base, Whilst Attacking Wear Green Camo Corporal- Wears Blue Uniform Around Base, Whilst Attacking Wear Green Camo Sergeant- Wears Red Uniform Around Base, Whilst Attacking Wear Green Camo Lieutenant- Wears White Uniform With Kama, Whilst Attacking Wear Green Camo W/ Kama Captain- Wears Blue Uniform With Kama, Whilst Attacking Wears The Same Gear Major- Wears Red Uniform With Kama, Whilst Attacking Wears The Same Gear Colonel- Wears Brown Uniform With Kama, Whilst Attacking Wears The Same Gear General- Wears Brown Uniform With Cape, Whilst Attacking Wears Anything Supreme Commander- Wears Anything
  11. We have reinstated the old General system, we will have a General assigned to either Specialized, Assault, Defense or Recon! With the General system they will be able to accept/deny commanders of the battalions they are assigned with, they are able to remove Commanders as long as they speak with High Command. If anyone has any complaints or worries with this new system please message me on discord @Bravo#1815 There will be a google doc outlining the powers of the Assigned Generals! -Grand General Bravo-
  12. +ACCEPTED+ ARC Leaders Failed To Accept/Denied -Grand General Bravo-
  13. Fuck man, it's sad to see you go. I wish we could see your mega event come to life. Ill miss you man. Good Luck in anything you do, keep in touch!