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  1. As of today I have came to the realization of my rank. I will not stand idle and hold positions that other more active and less dependent officers can take. I am leaving because of my mother's health not because of a demotion. If my wish is granted I would like to give all power of the RUMP and OMON to Stalin and or Tagooon. ALL CURRENT INTERACTIONS AND MEETINGS FOR RUMP HAVE BEEN CANCELLED AND MUST BE REDONE.
  2. @Tagooon could we talk about my rank of support cpt
  4. In Game Name: Tempest Rank: COL How Active Can You Be: Moderatly active Concerns: none
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    I don't want to be careless and fuck up my pc again new power supply
  7. I am vague at that point because officers can do more than train and that is why I listed it as a RP idea not an actual job.
  8. Well the point of it is for officers who are serious and don't want to fight in war and want to be useful in other areas just because the motd states that everyone must go to war doesn't mean it cant be changed! Thanks for your feedback it is always great to have criticism
  9. What you want to see? - I would like to see a RP idea of base officers (the point of it is for RU officers who do not want to fight in war can stay and do officer things in base) Why should we add it? - It would enhance the SeriousRP feel of the server rather making it a point and click simulator. What are the advantages of having this? - Serious and dedicated officers Who is it mainly for? - RU side(cam be used for US) Links to any content - N/A
  10. +Support Was going to post something similar
  11. RU Military Police Informational Director: Tempest Deputy Director: Jinx RUMP Roster: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/17EHl7qVerUs06vHuio8nIjNSXtxvwkF7fLQi0ufy9Hs/edit#gid=1881906730 Promotion Form (Officers Only):https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSf4H7USkiBk92ZokxV153kOWFUi5jriUaJYbnC0XbzBqI2vKg/viewform Ranks Enlisted Cadet (CDT): Soldier Whitelist | Can arrest 1SG- Junior Inspector (JINSP): Can arrest SGM- Senior Inspector (SINSP): Control Sniper Whitelist- Warrant Officer 3 (WO3): N/A Warrant Officer 2 (WO2): N/A Warrant Officer 1 (WO1): N/A Junior Officer (JO): Can arrest 2LT- Officers Superintendent (SI): Officer Whitelist | Can train for MP | Can promote to WO1 | Can arrest 1LT- Chief Superintendent (CSI): Can give permission to train for MP | Can promote to JO | Can arrest CPT- Senior Officer (SO): Can promote to SI | Can arrest MAJ- Junior Command Assistant Chief (AChief): Can promote to CSI | Can arrest LTC- Chief (Chief): Can promote to SO | Can arrest COL- Senior Command Deputy Director (DDir): Commander Whitelist | Can promote to AChief | Can arrest VCMDR- Director (Dir): Can promote to Chief | Can arrest CMDR- Training Guide Minimum rank to join MP is CPL 1. Tell Trainees to change name to RU MPT (name) and give them MP Soldier whitelist 2. Go over base codes: Green, Yellow, Red 3. Teach them the 3 step system to arrest 4. Tell them how to use the batons and who they can arrest (also link them the informational) 5. Teach them the DB rules and where they should be during debrief 6. Make sure they know that they must be on MP during peacetime 7. Test them on everything above, if anyone fails they may be retrained in 1 week 8. For those that pass tell them to change names to RUMP CDT (name) and that it should be used when on duty 9. Tell them how names should be off duty - RU(branch) (main rank) (special forces) (regiment) (MP rank) (DI rank) (name) Rules Base Rules -Soldiers need PTL to leave base (Can be granted by a MAJ+) -Do not TK -Do not Disrespect -No shooting in base unless in shooting range with a suppressor -Do not touch the gate unless authorized -During peacetime at least 1 MP should be near the gate and another on the stairway to RU Mesa. If more MP are online then another should be by the shooting range and the others paroling the base. -All RU under BG+ must leave in squad DB Rules -Stage organization: https://gaminglight.com/main/topic/5623-russian-officer-hand-book-updated/ -1 mp front gate, 1 mp at enter door booth, and 1-2 mp at db -Soldiers must salute until told at ease -When a general walks in soldiers must salute again -Soldiers must be in their branch line ascending rank order (Highest rank in front) -Chickenwinging (Spamming the salute swep) is not acceptable -If anyone leaves DB unauthorized they must be told to return Base Codes Code Green - All safe (Keys out, default code) Code Yellow - Mild danger (weapon on safety) Code Red -Danger (weapon off safety, terror) Code Blue - Someone has escaped without PTL (Shoot or arrest them) -Code Blue can only be granted by officers or the highest MP online -Can only be granted against arrest rank of caller (CDT can only call code blue against 1SG-) -If a high rank calls code blue then lower ranks can shoot (If a DIR calls code blue then anyone can shoot escapee) 3 Step System The 3 Step System must be followed when making arrests unless immediate danger (Mass RDM, TK of a GEN) First Step - Verbal warning Second Step - Baton hit and additional warning Third Step - Baton hit and arrest Can only be overruled by Chief+ in MP or a BG+ MP Rules -MP cannot participate in war(unless omon) -MP must be respectful and professional -Do not abuse the baton(blacklist if caught) -MP are only authorized to leave base if PTL is broken by a soldier -MP are recommended to shoot soldiers if they leave the base and arrest them when they respond -MP must switch off the job and participate in war when it starts unless told otherwise -Type RFA (name): (reason) after you arrest someone If any MP break the rules they may be removed and blacklisted from the branch Thank you for taking the time to read this