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  1. See ya Rook. I'm gonna miss you bring man and I hope youre feauture treats you well.
  2. I'm gonna go on LOA for a bit so I don't have to be blamed and harassed because it really annoying. I'm not gonna report any of these people because I fully understand why there doing it because of the grande launchers being removed from targeting infantry. But the thing I leave for this is I wasn't only person useing it and I shouldn't be blamed. MY LOA is gonna last for a week or longer while this blows over because people are every quick to judge with out considering they'er who it impacts other people. Major General Funkey
  3. So i'm the MP Branch General if you haven't already found out. I'm here to make sure MP stay's steady and active. I'll also make sure to keep the CMDR's in check and only that action when needed/nessacary. If you have any question leave them in the comments and i'll respond to them.
  4. Hello SZ so im you Branch General if you havn't already found out. I'm not here to take full power or anything i'm just here to make sure SZ has the best going for it and make sure CMDR's are doing they'er jobs. If you have any question leave them here in the comments and i'll respond to the best of my abillty
  5. So Krimson's class the RU:Genadier Specialist has no granade luancher, im not sure if its suppose to have m79 grande luancher or m32 grande lancher. Ether way it need one or the other because it got removed.
  6. +SUPPORT lol I dont need to list why bc peopel already did XD ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
  7. Ok so its a known thing militaryRP is dieing because its been pretty boring. Like I know that when school started our player count droped really bad and also with being in the mix of maps changes, server issuse, and SMT. So I've been playing for 4 years now and this is common occurrence and at beginning of each school is is a dark time when the server becomes less populated but I've never seen it happen this bad sences drones were added and the problems with them. Now it may seem i'm just ranting about server issuse but I would like to know how I can help because im will to give staff a try again but it cant be like last time I was when staff would abuse each other and SMT could brake any rules they wanted. I want to help but if the staff haven't change im just gonna never give staff a chance again. So besides me complaining about there server and the stuff with staff I would like to know where the rest of you player that are active or dedicated players.
  8. shhhhhhhhhhh what US doesnt know wont kill them XD. im to see ya go man, I'm miss ya
  9. wow wow there I know your bug boy on US but RU needs to be able to enjoy the events too because if its US taken control of RU whats the point of RU to play if we get stumped.
  10. aye kilo ill put you on S-spot so you dont get removed for being inactive and congratz man
  11. Ingame Name: MG Funkey Job Name: RU: Grenadier Specialislt Server: MilitaryRP Players SteamID you want added to the job: STEAM_0:1:84985410 The person that Paid SteamID: STEAM_0:1:84985410 Krimson gave me permsion to buy a spot on his class and everything is paid for.
  12. When's the big boy resignation comeing? XD
  13. So I probably wont be on a lot this week because of stuff with school and family. So if im gonne for longer then 3 days or inactive as we call it thats why. BTW rook i'm more active the you
  14. Ummm this application is Denied Because im your MG.......... JK Im sad to see you leave man as you were right before me from I went CMDR and all of that fun stuff. Me and you went through it all in SZ and im sad to see you leave but I hope you will come back some day to newer and more improved server.