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  1. I’m still here. Why? I don’t know either
  2. What you want to see? - Mortars begone, or at least a rule that says you cant go outside your own spawn line with them Why should we add it? - Theres a current meta of using a regular job to get somewhere safely (read: with full weapons and not be hindered by just having a pistol), then placing a tac and going on the mortar job and camping an area, only to switch back onto a regular combat job whenever people try to attack you. Also there's been significant abuse of the mortars (spam) and generally just a lot of lash back since they've been added. ALSO THEY BORDERLINE CRASH THE SERVER What are the advantages of having this? - (did we not learn from the first time that explosives were a bad idea?) Who is it mainly for? - Everyone Links to any content - N/A
  3. Mr_Wafflz_O


    They don't spawn, I paid like 15k trying ;-;
  4. Mr_Wafflz_O

    Change Map

    yo this map is wayyyyyyyyyyy too big and also there's nowhere to put bases
  5. PVT Tempest getting sniped by GOA Valk with the one-shot Barrett during the early days of ghazni
  6. Who here remembers when the Taliban were a third army?
  7. Holy shit These are older than dirt, back when I refused to speak and Gustard was GOA and Fuurlix was a General (somehow)
  8. Aside from more use of Flashbangs and smokes, this is going to be really difficult as there's no good grenade packs that aren't apart of ridiculously huge weapons pack. And the FAS grenades have a blast radius of scheffers nukes
  9. What are the most significant ones?
  10. that's the point, the FORECON jobs have the regular atv
  11. What you want to see? - A Climb SWEP for the scout class Why should we add it? - The whole point of the scout is to get into good observations points and give callouts for their team while remaining undetected. I think that a climb scout would help them fit in this niche role a little better so they can get into sneaky spots like on top of buildings like the remote oil rigs or just stay out of sight from the enemy. It cant really be abused since they don't have snipers so there isn't a possibility of getting sniped by a scout in a wack spot What are the advantages of having this? - make the scout fit in better to its niche role. Who is it mainly for? - FORECON/KGB Links to any content - (Im 90% sure you can disable some of the more ridiculous actions like wall running to keep it simple)
  12. Can one army attack the opposing forces convoy?
  13. Wait, are we flexing how much we’ve lost to gambling now? Is this something we are going to brag about? ....Is this what society has come to?
  14. Maybe have a list of RP missions that can happen (IE: Spec ops teams rescuing hostages or something like that)
  15. What you want to see? - Fix the pay for all classes across all branches Why should we add it? - So people don't go broke from gambling (and actually afford things) What are the advantages of having this? - People wont complain about money so much Who is it mainly for? - Everyone Links to any content - no