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  1. Whats an NSA? Never heard of it. Like a sickness or something?
  2. I agree with alot of people, Alot of problems we gave indeed and alot of people annoyed, I think every Yuki understood that when the Yuki Family was banned for the second time. Most of the old leaders are gone/banned and the remaining people are here to start it up again and bring the family forward as a respactable non-problem giving family, we have learned our lesson, we are here to try it again, a new,fresh start. It broke my hearth when the family got removed and I just want to see it back in a new bright light with a future ahead, anyone who misbehaves we will deal with. This is not the old Yuki but a new one, better rules, better everything. What do you say? Lets give it a try. +Support
  3. I dont have any friends... oh wait @mom @dad @dog Did I win?
  4. So when I made my costum class ( Kingpin ) about 1 year and 6 months ago I had the model 'kingpin' from steam workshop but after 2 months and 6 days it got removed so I reported that and got my model changed to my current one 'TF2 Spy'. But when I browsed I saw that a new Kingpin model was made I knew I wanted it back and as my class name is Kingpin. So there for my question if I could get the my current model changed back to the kingpin model. If this could be without charge I would be grateful but if I need to pay for the model change I understand fully and am willing to pay the amount it will need. New one requested -> Kingpin Model : (1.190 MB) Curreny -> TF2 spy model : (2.685 MB) (Costum class post : Doesn't work anymore) (Post where I reported the workshop error)
  5. - Support, just not needed, we aint gonna make for every subject a different group
  6. So we used to have this button in the tab groups (Forums, Store, Bans..ect) where you could click on that directs you to one of the GL servers in Garry's mod, and I remember this being very usefull, you turn on your pc and go to the forums and click on the button in no time, get a drink or go to the bathroom and everything is set up and your ready to go when you come back, dont know what happend to it but I was very handy in my opinion give me your opinion down below!
  7. 911 yes'nt a complot theory
  8. Custom Class Name : Kingpin Custom Car Name : BMW I8 Custom Class Purchase Link (Link to where you purchased your custom class) : This is the link but doesnt work anymore Custom Car Purchase Link (Link to where you purchased your custom car at) : This is the link but it doenst work anymore But if you know me (or remember), you know that I driven that car for a while now.