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  1. Support He seems like he'd be a good candidate for EMS, and we could always use more Medics on.
  2. Any Volunteer firefighter gets my support. Good Application though.
  3. What is your name: Koala Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:85780041 How active are you on PoliceRP: I'm normally on a lot when I can be on Why do you want to join dispatcher; I like dispatching, I hear it regularly in my life, and I like organization which is very useful for dispatching. I think dispatching is a very complex difficult job to handle and keep up with, due to the fact they manage a large number of people while handling 20 different other agencies, and people. Do you have any problems with being mature; Not really Do you promise to uphold the dispatcher rules and regulations; I do Have you read the sop: Yes What rank are you in PD: OFC
  4. Name: Koala Rank: Head Paramedic Status on Roster: Active What are you thankful for: EMS
  5. IG Name: Koala Link to Steam Account: How many warnings do you have: 0 What departments are you in and what rank: Police Department Officer Why do you want to be EMS(150 Words Minimum): EMS is just a great job to do, I think its one of the most important jobs to preform, because the EMS system provides vital pre-hospital care to patients which help preserve life and render time sensitive aid to patients. I would like to be EMS on the server because I recently started playing and I like the server, and I like emergency agencies. I work Fire and EMS regularly every day and have much experience in roleplay servers and EMS. I can be on most nights when I don't have training or something else planned. However one downside is I leave the game abruptly from time to time due to my volunteer job. I think I could be a great asset to the GamingLight EMS team, and would like to be on playing as EMS as well as other agencies. Thank you for viewing this application, and considering it.