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  1. +support -he is a penguin somethings but there is no proof of player poaching and is an outstanding member of our community my word might not have much power but the facts do he has not committed an bannable offense but has committed something worth punishment it is unjust to ban someone for no crimes
  2. Victus

    Secure log

    Requesting permission to begin log ————————- Requesting login ————————- Initializing Secure Login ——————————— Beginning biometric scans ————————————— ACCEPTED WELCOME —————— -Beginning log entry- It has been a while they recently sent me away perhaps they have realized the truth of my true mission. If I am to be compromised I will begin transmitting all data I have gather with photos I have take of this “crimson research base” -unknown user attempting access- it would seem as though someone is beginning to question my loyalties. I recently had a meeting with the grand admiral before my departure where he began to question me regarding the actions we should take against the traitors among us so it seems he believes I am with him. What worries me is that fact that someone of importance knows of my plans and I need to begin the operation sooner than I thought. This will mark the beginning of a new republic -unknown access denied beginning protocol 7 shutting down log systems- -Brigadier General Ripper ————————- End of log ————————- Transmitting ———————- Success ——————— Ending log —————— Sending files to headquarters requesting additional support —————— Success —————— Logging off —————-
  3. I am officially tendering my resignation as staff for many reason I don’t care to explain if you truthfully wanna know ask me but in the end I just don’t have the time or energy anymore plus I’m hella inactive on staff but w.e. When it come to will I stay on to be blunt no just remove my tags as staff and staff restrict me could honestly careless respectfully of course we all know staff is going down hill but I’m jumping ship so have fun for my LOA it’s a mere formality for BG I will be on forums just not in game I need to think things over and get my priorities in line so I’d say rough 3 days I’ll be back for the commander meeting 100% but I just need time PS this is a staff resignation not an rp one
  4. Requesting permission to begin log ————————- Invalid Credentials ————————- Initializing Secure Login ——————————— ACCEPTED WELCOME —————— -Beginning log entry- I have continued to conduct my own sort of research on this base and I have discovered unruly thing regarding the republic…things worse then what i knew. Beside my suspected betray of the recently departed Admiral I have discovered via access to private information I have gathered using the admirals credentials. The false executions held on this ship explains why the general had me moved here as his last order. This crew is far more corrupt then I imagined I will soon have to take action before they begin furthering their plans. I hate to say it but I need to build my forces even greater then before i will instruct my men to not trust any other high command beside myself and a few selected others. I will have to make my move soon before it is too late they already got rid of my strongest ally I need to begin my plans. I will begin contact with the trusted few and hope they agree…if not it could mean the end. -Brigadier General Ripper ————————- End of log ————————- Transmitting to headquarters ————————————— Interference ————- Retransmitting ———————- Success ——————— Ending log —————— Securing all data in encrypted files only to be access by myself with a 30 digit code and biometric scan —————— Success —————— Logging off —————-
  5. Agreed he is already practically commander and also knows how to lead from being dedicated to milrp I have experienced what it’s like to be under his command and he has experienced much of our server and has relatively revived the 327th
  6. Name: Victus SteamID: STEAM_0:1:92145457 Rank (Must be VCMDR+) Currently I hold the rank of Commander Havoc Why do you want to be a general?: I want to be general for many reasons but most importantly I would like to be general to help the community and the current general make our server amazing and prosperous as well as teach new officers and commanders. As well as I would like to become general to help point the server in the correct way into serious role play and high player counts as well as i would like to assist the current General in making Clone wars great and a friendly roleplay environment in which every player can enjoy themselves. Why should you be trusted to hold this rank?: I should be trusted to hold this rank because not only do I have the best and true wishes of the server at heart but more importantly I have both the experience as a high command officer as I was previously Commander Hydro of the 187th legion but also hold a Jedi general rank as well as a current staff rank. If you look farther back I was previous Colonel for the Coruscant Guard so my experience in my opinion speak to how well I can be trusted as general.(not to sound narcissistic in any way) But also my recent venture to lead Rancor ARC has gave me a new outlook on commanding and giving orders which ultimately leads me to understand better ways to become an excellent leader and Brigadier General. How often can you be online?: Depending on my changing work schedule I can be on at least 5-10 hours a day. How many warnings do you have on SWRP?: I currently have two one from when I joined back and another from myself for failrp during a roleplay scenario and I do sincerely regret what I have done and have apologized to the affected individuals.
  7. Why are you saying -support you are the highest in 187th
  8. +support -longest standing commander (before he resigned) -his men respected him as Cody and was an amazing leader -hella active -the one thing about leading is that it requires your participation in battle and he has not failed to provide a perfect example
  9. I will be checking in now and again FYI
  10. I am taking sometime off from command and staff for personal reasons it will be roughly 3 days to a week I will return soon.
  11. Victus

    Nerf Rancor

    So let me address this quick and simple first we do not have 9 members we have six and that’s how I plan to keep it until the three commanders agree that someone deserves it and regarding training I am currently working on harder training and will have all my ARC pilot certified by the end of the week regarding jet packs they are no longer aloud on ship unless directed to from a commanding member and even with our current command status we are fully prepared to be a single unit as I don’t conpletely allow my men to be given orders from and outside force as it is not necessary for other CO’s to meddle in our affairs and any minging or intolerable action will be met with my sort of punishments at my discretion Rancor is considered the elite and is held to a completely different standard then any other battalion so regard all your complaints these are my responses -Rancor ARC BCO Commander Havoc
  12. I’m confused on this much because of the arc revamp and was wondering what’s happing to Zoid, Reaperz, and myself I’m asking because I simply want clarification on the topic as I didn’t really understand the transition that well
  13. I’ll see you later man you have my IG so just hmu with your trash memes whenever
  14. IGN(In game Name): 2LT Ripper Rank: 2LT Any Changes you would like in ARC?: I am generally happy with the battalion but a sniper class would be great and a skin change for 2LT that about it