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  1. apsman2020

    Wolves LOA

    Back from my LOA but unfortunately i have finals the next couple weeks so i will only be able to get on weekends
  2. apsman2020

    Wolves LOA

    gonna be gone for the next three days ill be back 11/12
  3. VCMDR Wolves Understood Gonna be away from home that weekend
  4. if you could send me the vid as well i would be grateful
  5. thanks for letting us know you didn't have to since only CPT+ is mandatory but thanks anyways
  6. its Saturday ignore the date he was tired
  7. Good Luck with your computer senior and have fun
  8. apsman2020

    Another Survey

    It would add more to the server than just fighting
  9. apsman2020

    USMC Meeting!

    Name: Wolves Rank: VCMDR Reason (if private then state private): LOA
  10. apsman2020

    Wolves LOA

    Going to be gone for the next two day starting tonight so i'm not gonna be able to attend any meetings
  11. apsman2020

    Secondary Survey

    + Support it breaks Fire Rates and Player Models
  12. apsman2020

    USMC Meeting!

    1630 EST should work for me