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  1. +Support Great Soldier Knows Rules Active Good Luck!
  2. Whos man is this +Support VERY Active Great Person Knows Rules by Heart Dedicated
  3. For the amount of people we see on the job I don't think it needs it but we can always up it if it needs it.
  4. Good Time It Seems Like It Was Yesterday I Beat You Up And Arrested You For Treason
  5. +Support Great Guy Active Read MOTD Would Be A Great Addition
  6. Gravity Falls Knock Off Gunna Get Sued
  7. Regiment Will Be Talked About In The Meeting
  8. He Has My Permission The Class FYI Is Covert Assault Unit
  9. Nooooooooo I Will Miss You Quack Quack......
  10. -Support I understand balancing can be an issue there are some weps that can be better than the other but both sides have a equal amount of great guns. If we all just had the same gun it would get a little boring because we would on be using a few weapons and the variety gets it interesting.