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  1. Smt is removing NSA #RIPNSA(comment #RIPNSA is reply’s and let’s try to save NSA!)
  2. Could you expand on this? So they can get promoted at DBs?
  3. I don’t think you are active in any of them. You legit contridicted yourself.
  4. +Support Active Mature Dedicated Cool dud Cab trust
  5. +Support Active Mature Not a minge Could be a better commander
  6. If you are looking forward into applying for the following Chief Superintendent ( 3 slots available) Senior officer (4 slots available) Assistant chief (1 slot available) Please respond with this format. Must be Warrant Officer Three + To apply for any of these ranks. If you do not know your rank please check it on the roster here. In-game name: Robby Peppers MP rank: WO3 Timezone: EST Main Branch rank: SRA Are you in OMON?: No. How active are you?: I make a severe effort to be on everyday. Why should we trust you with being HC in MP?: (200 WORDS+)I should be trusted with MP command because, I am respectful, mature, strict, kind, I am a good leader, I am also not power hungry. For starters, I am respectful. Having respect for others is important so that you can provide others with a good idea of what type of person you are, and will lead to you having more respect and admiration from others in the department. Secondly, I am mature, being mature is important so that people know that you can be trusted and that you won't be biased and prefer one person over another. Another thing is, I am kind, being kind is important so that people know that they can come to you, and can trust you with issues that they have, and know that they can rely on you to get something done about that said problem. I am also a great leader. I have been told multiple times by RUAF Command, MP command, and even a General that I am a great leader. I believe that I can be a great leader, and can excel in leadership, and excell in the department, and I believe that I could be a future chief. Lastly, I am not power hungry. I have been told by MP command that I am not power hungry. Why do you want to be HC IN RUMP?: (150 WORDS+) I want to be RUMP Command because, I am active, friendly, and helpful. I am active because I am extremely dedicated to MilitaryRP and the departments I am in. Whenever I am in game, which is almost every day, I am also friendly, being friendly is important so people can approach you, so you want to make a good reputation for RUMP and, on yourself. I am also helping. It is important so I can help solve people's problem when they come to me, like if they are having trouble with other MP, or any other problems. I believe I would be an amazing asset to command, I am also mature. Being mature is important so that people take you seriously, and so people know that you take your job seriously and know what you are doing. During my time in MilitaryRP, I have taken my job seriously and rose up the ranks, and I believe that this is the next step in my career in MP. Why should we choose you over others?: (100 words+) You should choose me over other applicants because I am active, I am mature, I can joke around, but know when to be strict. To begin, let's talk about me being active. I am mostly seen after 5 pm EST everyday on weekdays, and all day on weekends. I am dedicated to MP and everything I do, and when I do something, I do it to a level of excellence, that tends to impress people. I have had multiple recommendations for higher ranks in multiple departments/branches. And I think that I would be fit to be placed into MP command. Secondly, I am mature, I am mature because if I was not, people would think I did not take my job seriously and did not care about it. I have proven to others, and myself, that I am mature and respectful, and I believe that if you decide to give me this position, I can prove the same to you. Last, of all, I can joke around, but I know the time and the place to be strict, like if I am receiving a report on someone else, then I would be strict. And I think that this is one of the most important aspects of what being MP command is all about. Do you promise to not abuse your powers?: Yes. Do you promise to be on duty when its peacetime?: Yes. Do you understand that you will be in-charge of something?: Yes, I do.
  7. Thanks tcoops, and btw, you were the best Staff member <3.
  8. Ingame Name: Robby Peppers Steam Name:[GL] Robby pepeprs Have you read our information? Yes Do you understand our code of conduct? Yes Are you RP player or PVP player or balance of both? I am mostly RP, but I am also great at combat. So I guess both. Do you agree not to disclose any information about our organization? Yes. How many warns do you have? 9 Why would you like to join Umbrella Corporation? I have seen you guys around, you mostly seem nice, and well organized and I would love to play a part in that. Did anyone recommend you? Deathstriker ig, he told me to apply and that I might be accepted.
  9. Ingame Name: Robby Peppers Job Name: The Doctor Server:PoliceRP Players SteamID you want added to the job: STEAM_0:0:143018883 The person that Paid SteamID: STEAM_0:0:143018883