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  1. sooooo no succy succy?
  2. give muh le succ lawyer boi love ya 4 long tiem
  3. Shadow Commander Tag Of course I remember you my man how have you been?
  4. If I could have a reason for the negative support such as constructive criticism, I could reflect on it and Reply as earnestly as I could. But thank you for your input anyway!
  5. Love you and You regiment buddy! I appreciate your 2 cent however you give them to me my old friend! Thank you for you honest review of the situation and Great Cowboy Bebop reference! whether or not I want the community to decide my fate and if it is said I must go then I must say one thing to you my Brother in arms; "See You Space Cowboy!"
  6. I may have had a miscommunication or misspoke as I have said before. Like I also stated, It was not my intention to get banned as if such was the case I would have Just done something extreme and got on with my life. But, All in all my actions are not excused nor do I want them excused because at the end of the day. I just want to be treated as a regular player both in RP punishments and Administrative Punishments. Again, I renounce my actions and I wish to make right by my friends and family over at the Starwars Rp community! Thank you for the Input my Friend! Hopefully we can RP missions.
  7. The Point was never to get banned because if thats the case I would have just done something extreme to get the perma ban and be on with it. Although , That still is not excusable coming from me and there may have been a miscommunication when it came tot the statement of "Wanting to be banned". Allow I see your point , The intention was not to get banned but rather see the action taken as counter measures. Thank you for your input my friend!
  8. Thank you for your imput as it is valued here! If the community would be so kind as to give me a second chance then, we could go back to Rping the RIGHT way!
  9. I thank you sincerely for taking the time to respond. You anger is not misplaced and I am truly sorry that you felt that way. I feel as tho I have wronged you and betrayed the trust of many others! I know it means little to nothing after the actions that occurred but, I am truly sorry to that I was the cause of your immersion being ruined and I hope to make it right if I get the communities approval first to come back. Again, thanks for the response old friend! and may we make many more amazing memories of the "missions" we partake in together! Much Love, Spike!
  10. I have Already Admitted to My actions being Immature and Unruly My friend and I ask not as a former commander but As a community member to Forgive my Immature decision. It was dumb of me to do such a thing and Truly I hold remorse for my actions otherwise I would have just left it at that. I care about the community enough to want to come back and Make things right. I admit that My Actions were in poor taste and I was having a bad day that day. But, that does not excuse my actions. I am truly sorry and I hope the community can come to an understanding on this issue. My Apologies go out to gaur and The Staff team. as I know they were just trying to do their jobs. I regret it all the same. But, I tell you this it will never happen again if I am allowed back. As you all know I am VERY Serious when it comes to RP Some much in fact that I have devised multiple systems to counter act the very thing I did; "minge". Hopefully, I can be forgiven for this and we can go back to Rping The RIGHT way! Thank You For you Input my Friend! Former 104th BG Spike/ Former 35th Commander Spike I am Most Sorry To you my friend. You gave me a chance to Partake in the Great adventure that was star wars rp again. I couldn't thank you enough! I let you down and I am truly sorry. I actually Did press the exit key for the laat by accident and You know me I have no reason to lie as I haven't lied to you before. I do not excuse my other actions I Take full responsibility for my actions. I hope you can find it in you to forgive me and give me a chance to make it right!. Either way! Thank you for the chance you gave me! and Thanks for your inputs!
  11. Zeeptin Told me to make this post My friend and Thank you for your input it is much appreciated!
  12. Steam Name: [AN]Browm Ingame Name: CT SGT Minge 1337 / 35th CMDR Spike SteamID:STEAM_1:1:77544180 Ban Length: Permanant Admin that Banned you: Gaur Reason for Ban: [AN]Mike][Minge][Trying to get Banned][Re-Blacklist From the Community] Dispute: I feel As tho this banned is a little too harsh for the Small "Minge" I did which was Shot at someones feet while they were sitting in afk. Mind you, you cannot take damage in that state and if you could I would have never done it. Being Known as one of the most respectful clones on the server I feel that the Punishment given to me was a little too much for such a minor offense. I have seen people get warned 2 plus times before they are even kicked for "Minge". Yet, I even Took my Little Escapades to areas where no rp Was going on so as to not disturb others thats how much of a "Minge" I am and yet, I was permabanned based on the Past. Mind you I did not break any such rules as the Whole exchanged took place in RP.( I was Arrested In game to compensate) I still do not know why administration took action on a in RP action? But, I accept that my Actions were wrong. I just hope that community has it in them to forgive me and give me a chance as I was under the impression that I was on a clean slate. I believe I have (with the help of my good friend caboose) Help the community grow in good ways! If this is it, I would like to Say Its been a Long But fun ride!