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  1. To commemorate the best RU GENS memorial Best one: EX RU GEN Arnold Duck 1st EX RU GEN GrimLock 2nd EX RU GEN Reborn (Love you man) 3rd EX RU GEN Maki 4th EX RU GEN Jarret 5h EX RU GEN Sandler 6th EX GOA Alsher 6th EX GEN Vladmir
  2. Hold I want to speak with you on ts at 4:00pm Central tomorrow. If you're unavailable to be there then tell me, so I can rearrange the meeting.
  3. Name: Rad3c Rank: Commissar and VCMDR Activity: Weekends only Any Concerns: Your Mom...
  4. There's a vehicle that the Navy Seal Operator have keeps crashing some people's games. I don't know why it's crashing, but it is. Once the vehicles is destroyed, everything will start to lag or break.
  5. What you want to see? - I would like to see the GRU Para Trooper class OR GRU trooper main weapon change to the enfield or something else(not the U.S Para-trooper weapon, it's just feel the same to for my opinion). Why should we add it? - Because GRU Trooper and RU Para trooper are basically the same due to the class and the main gun and it's not attracting players to donate on RU CORE. The U.S Core Special Force trooper has a g36k and the donator calio(idk the name) and gives kinda the advantage. What are the advantages of having this? - IDK Who is it mainly for? - GRU/RU CORE Links to any content
  6. +/- neutral I do like the idea of it, but like Fupa said it would make a confusions and chaos to the new players of the raiding idea and spawnkilling would trigger players to leave the server leaving an awful reputation. The interrogation in some parts is not RP at all, telling people HP and positions? It's obvious that people can lie and change route of their positions, so the information would be useless and they would do it because they lost. Also kidnapping is a thing like the Taliban.
  7. This app will be denied if you're not here tomorrow on ts 8:10pm Central. If you cannot come, then let me or Rook know, so we can reschedule it. Tagooon I know we need more RU officers, but that doesn't mean qualify for spot in RU. I would see him myself once I'm on.
  8. What's the point about this, people will be complaining about the guns, then once we change the guns again, few months later, people will start to complains once more. A Cycle that always repeats itself.
  9. IGN: RU 4th GTD Commissar Hunt3r Rank: Commissar Length: 3 weeks or a month Reason: School, being station to another location, and break.
  10. It's been awhile my best U.S LTG Snowballs.
  11. I still have my CS tag in the roster. That's a wow.
  12. I don't know about your banned when I was CS, but you should deserve another chances. However, I do remember you demoted someone back to PVT without a reason, I don't know that's the reason, but still... +Support
  13. It's not a bug at all, they were given by Zeeptin or John.
  14. Ok, what about this, the U.S.M.C pointman has dib and medkit while the SZ Pointman doesn't. Should that be fix or no or rather to seem "unnecessary"