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  1. Jake Croft

    New FBI rank Pole

    Should FBI Have a Assistant Director Note We will Not have A new job they will use the dep Director Job in game https://www.strawpoll.me/16491447/r
  2. I know Cop Feel the same way with out gas They move in they die they don't want to play on police cause they die every time
  3. Friday 930 EST 830 CNT Is The FBI Meeting Please Try To Attend Important thing will Said At This meeting
  4. that is a way we can fix that
  5. you got to under stand that you guys have negevs and aws and m249s that we cant get and they are op If we close range you will destroy all of us and gas is used to help us defend that I know how using like 6 gas for people this was a Issue a while go There Ways to fix it other than saying spawn no gas cause RP Tac units would have at least 3 Grenades Per Person with gas
  6. Jake Croft

    Gas.... again

    I know where your coming from but then people start complaining cause we use to many we need to make it fair for both sides
  7. Jake Croft

    Gas.... again

    See that Would Be gas abuse I can see that there cause he therw around 6 grenades the max that should be thrown is 3 if more needed make where There has to be more than three tac units down to throw more than 3
  8. this is not A issue It only a issue of HA plus Just tell then you can only use 3 gas cans For A base if more needed more has to be at least 3 tac units down
  9. You will Be missed Would you Like to Reserve
  10. Good Luck To All Who Apply
  11. Jake Croft

    Is FiveM Dead?

    Just Let US BE BORN With Every thing we need to know so we can play gaming light all day