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  1. Tagooon


    anything to kill ace will do : ) ace in a plane is like a 1v5 on csgo
  2. anyone remember hunters SZ Delta forces lmao
  3. +support i want to fly across the map like the good ol days
  4. Tagooon

    Change Map

    +support i like snow
  5. kgb is still kinda poopy tho
  6. Tagooon

    Sniper Scopes 2

    at least snipers arent OP now xd
  7. Ring of rlysium is the game
  8. lets be honest RP_pig was better for memories mostly cuz of the players in that time
  9. were almost at the to bois GL will be #1 @Fupa
  10. You were my favorite female chef lets be honest
  11. Tagooon


    Ik but omon specifically, i made the apps for a reason people shouldnt be bypassing them
  12. Tagooon


    Good to see people getting into omon without even making applications, smh i shoulda never resigned... note to cmdrs, being an officer doesnt instantly make someone omon...